Recommendations for Shielded Power Cord

I plan to use two powered subwoofers in my system and they will be positioned on the same plane as my speakers. Unfortunately that means the power cord for the subwoofers will run parallel to my speaker cables.

Is there an available powercord which is shielded enough that this will not cause a problem?
Ideally you need a magnetically shielded power cord. The Pure Note Epsilon has that feature,
The Whale Elite power cable worked wonders on my Wilson WHOW Sub. Improved & extended the bass with no pickup of interference and RF from other cables. In fact I have several Whales that are piled up on each other laying on the interconnects and speaker cable since my cabinet is fairly close to the back wall.
Radio Shack sells a shielded power cord (probably sourced from Belden) for about $8.00. Try them. You can always
return them if they don't float your boat.

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HIGHLY Recommend SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH Master AC and/or Reference AC Power Cords. Hand made(Quality)and worth the Money. They do a GREAT job of Lowering the noise floor and allow your system to Bring out more DETAIL (although Beware they Are a bit Stiff). Just depends on How much you want to spend to get the overall DESIRED Results, try several to get the Best Comparison. I've been using Synergistic Cables (interconnects also) for a few years and I Love them. I've tried many other Cables and these are my Choice. Try them, you'll Love them to!
David Blair's Custom Power Cord Company makes a great line of heavily shielded AC cords that I have tried with good success.
There is no website:
Phone 847-329-8975
9132 Keeler Avenue
Skokie, Illinois
Dear Bwhite,
We make a shielded power cord that is very effective and quite affordable. Take a look in the Misc Audio forum and see what one of our customers have to say about our PC/REL Sub combo. We regularly have one up for auction. Should you need something different or have any questions, contact me directly. Visit our web site at for more info. Hope to hear from you!
Dan Harmon
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Before purchasing a shielded power cord you must consider the sources of interference. If the cable run along a wall you must determine if any household wiring is located within the wall since it will have the same effect as using an unshielded cable. Household wiring located below the floor will also be an interference source and should be considered when locating the equipment. If possible you might consider getting the listening area rewired with shielded cable to eliminate any potential problems ( this will be much more effective than just using shielded power cords)
Dear BWhite,
Not to step on any toes and not to try and make a sale, I don't feel rewiring is a wise move. Be sure to check your local building codes prior to rewiring the listening room. You could be placing your homeowners policy in question. Shielded power cords are VERY effective (be it ours or someone elses).
Go to HD and purchase a GB Instruments Circuit Alert($15). It is about the size of a highlighting marker only red in color. It is in the electrical isle. Depress the button and scan the area in question. If it beeps (as it will next to unshielded pc's) you have stray AC voltage which can cause problems with IC's and speaker cables. It's also a cost effective way of checking shielded PC's at your local high end shop. It's one of those kool little tools to help us justify our spending to the better half and show off our PC's effectiveness to friends.
Hope this helps!
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Another contender are the ps audio lab cables
you can visit their website:
for more info.
I bought 8 shielded 14/3 heavy-duty Belden 6 foot PCs at a yard sale recently. Send me a $10 bill and I'll ship you one. Call for address, as my email is down. Ern
781 483-3922
Hey Ernie, How is it going my friend? I need 8 footers for this application. I have two Velodyne HGS-12 subs located in each corner of my room. Unfortunately the 6 footers will not work.

I am also looking in to having an electrician put outlets in the corners as a possible solution.

Have you purchased a GOOD power cord for your EMC-1 Mk II yet? I'm at the King Cobra V2 and it's phenomenal! Well worth the cash.

Hi Bry,
Just finished cutting up our Arts & Crafts 300 lb rack, so measured holes for my Aleph while sitting on a Neuance shelf.
Bought a Harm Tech Pro-Silway AC11 at the same time.
Not sure, but I'd say the loss of the Neuance under the EMC-1 MkII is more important han the PC as the presentation seems a little rougher! I'll know better after I get the second Neuance and can then perform a proper trial of the two PCs.
PS EC has raised the export price of the 24/192 emc-1 to $2800. Still a good deal, though. I may try to get MkII DACs for under $600 if anyone wants one. Try the Neuance, Bry. For $150 it may be a better investment than python-oil.

I think I will try the Neuance. Lots of people say great things about that platform.

I see you are still scared of the snakes huh? The difference a Shunyata cord (anything except the Sidewinder) makes to your system is NOT something you have to sit and listen to try and hear the difference. There is NOTHING subtle about it. Listening to music with the removal of digital hash is quite astonishing and really helps digital freaks understand why so many still love vinyl.

The HT cord is no comparison to even a Black Mamba. With your Verity's you might like the Python the best.