Recommendations for setting up a new system:

Hello everybody - My friend in Maryland is looking for a new or used system in which he can listen to computerized music. He already has a Mac mini and he would like to spend a total of $2000. What might you suggest with regard to a pair of speakers that can be wall mounted and a dac that might be used to power an amp directly. This is my idea, but any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated. This friend already has a main system in his house. This will only be a secondary system. Thank you for your help.
The New Wadia Power DAC or a Peachtree Nova and Krell Resolution 4 speakers. If he can stretch his budget a little farther, a Tact S or M2150 is fantastic with a Mac Mini ... if you would like to know more about the Krell's email me thru AudiogoN

Wadia 151 DAC. Amazing. I would match that to Paradigm Atom or Mini Monitor speakers. For a little more, I would get ATC 7s or 11s. Will slay anything.