Recommendations for SET & Horns setup...

Source: ModWright tube-modded Oppo
Amp: Art Audio PX-25 (2ch, single-ended) with built-in Stepped-Attenuator
Speakers: Lamhorn 1.8 w/AER MD3B drivers
(currently using a 3m-run of A23 cable)

I tried "Auditorium 23" (A23) interconnects, and like them, but would like to consider other choices.

What kind of information are you seeking? For instance sonic quality IOW tone of the IC, or is it a technical question re appropriate match electrically?
I'm not looking for any specific signature, but rather for 'no signature' at all. That is, ideally interconnects should be neutral & transparent: not adding or taking away from the signal... Unless, of course, the intent is to compensate for some deficiency in the system.

So, the question is: What interconnects would you recommend I try, that would hopefully be neutral & transparent on a system as I described?

BTW, sorry if it wasn't clear: I'm looking for advise on cables to connect the CD player to the amp (the amp has built-in volume control).

Van Den Hul "ORCHID" : 600euro/1.2m (pair with WBT Next Gen Cu). One of the best shields for digital.
My speaker cable is 3m (straight from Lowther to amp) VDH "INSPIRATION"
I'm also in SET/FR Horns & poted RIAA like you.
The "Orchid" is dynamic, detailed, with full body & excellent flow. It is not smooth like the carbon "Second" but neither etched like most silver ICs, while it can keep the resolution of the silver (except the faint feel of the upper top-end air, that is completely unnoticeable when the source is the CDP). The presentation is never laidback, neither forward, but very lively 3D with impact & weight. Also, there is a sense of increased volume compared with solid core silver IC.
Search for the new 3T series of IC. There must be even better.
But been completely new, I'm still waiting to audition the top of the line "MOUNTAIN"