Recommendations for satellite/hanging spkrs

My brother wants to hang small speakers in his living room, which is good-sized with a high, vaulted ceiling. This is a decorating-driven decision, so let's assume we can't talk him out of it, we just want to point in some good directions. I think he would go with either small satellites and a sub or with small bookshelf speakers that would be run full range. Modest electronics. Which products should he check out?

Thanks. --Dan
Gallo Micro's, high WAF without having to resort to Bose
I faced the same conundrum with a secondary system in the den. I went with NHT Superzeros (white finish) along with a NHT sub woofer. The small size and white finish makes them very unobtrusive against a white wall or ceiling. The sound was surprisingly good. Even with mid fi receiver.
My wife and I gave my in-laws a Klipsch Quintet 5.1 set-up for Christmas and they are very pleased with it. I think that we gave $800 for the set. The small speakers for front L&R and rear L&R are on little pivoting stands that are tightened with an allen wrench. They're not bad speakers, just not good enough for me. If you want to see the HT package I bought for my wife, go to . I also have a pair of their 8", two-way, floor-standing speakers, the Centurions. SWEET!!!!! Anyway, hope this helps.
Meadowlark just introduced a new bi-polar wall hanging speaker that is amazing and very affordable. With their new cabinet making capabilities at the new factory, no decorator would reject these.
C37 has a small ball shaped satellite that has a fullrange driver in it. Could be hung, I guess, it is pretty small.
If he were to use only two Gallo Micros (and a sub) in a "huge" area I doubt that they would fill the room with music (I like these speakers though). The NHT Zero's are better I feel and can sound quite good with a sub, but require a lot of clean power to do so. If Polk still makes their RT15 and RT25 speakers in White they would sound better with midfi electronics and are not difficult to push. They are also easy to audition and obtain from the chain stores such as CC. My second speakers that I use to test gear (stuff I have worked on myself:-) and which are sometimes set up @ the computer are old Polk RT15's (they will fill our 18 x 24 x 8 living room with loud music). The RT25's will play even louder and cleaner (both are on the small side). The newer versions are said to be better.
Thanks everybody. Are the Polks small bookshelves, or are they Bose-style satellites?

I wonder about using something like a small B&W, as an example, or a ProAc, or...... A speaker one might normally put on stands. What do you think?