Recommendations for rear speakers w/ PSB Synchrny2

I currently have psb synchrony twos (front) and synchrony one c (center) in my setup along w/ a couple old book shelf speakers for the rear.   Someone has a pair of Image S50's on my local craigslist for $245. Anybody have thoughts on how these would match up with my synchrony's. The matching rears (synchrony S surround) run $1600 and thought these might get me by for a while until I can afford the S’s.
Its best to use the same manufacture for rears as the fronts as they will be similarly voiced. If you cant swing the synchrony S surround speakers, go for a less expensive psb speaker. Good luck.
Tbromgard, thanks for the reponse
I dont think enough voice comes through the rears to really matter doe it? I'd be very comfortable with rears that fit your budget/WAF and such without the same vendor constraint.
I didnt mean that voices come thru the rears. I mean that when a loudspeaker is created, the creator will "voice" the speakers similarly so that the frequency range is similar.
Gotcha Tbromgard. I went with matched rears and IMO spent too much as there is far less content in the rear channels than I'd expected as well as it not seeming to be as important to match. I think if I do it again I'll not sweat the rears and only get matching if I get a deal. As it is my rears are WAY better than needed and I may use them someplace else like a computer setup in the future. I guess there is no wrong answer to this one?
In the past all I'd hear was a muffled sound from rears with occasional birds whistling.

Although BluRay is able to produce much better rear sound than regular DVD...and sounds incredible with a properly recorded 5.1+ disc.
Thanks for the input. I ended up purchasing the PSB Image S50's ($240) and they seem like a nice upgrade from the old PSB bookshelf speakers I was using. And much more pleasing esthetically. I've yet to test them with sacd/dvda.

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