Recommendations for "pure class a" amp under 1K


I'm soon to be in the market for a used amp or monos running in pure class A for under 1K. What are you recommendations? My only requirements are 50+ watts and availability of parts (aside from price).

I had the Sumo 9+, which was 60watts class A, still show up on Audiogon for around $500, I had mine for 10 years and never had a problem with it.
For just a bit more you should be able to find a Pass Aleph 5. Outstanding SS amp...closest thing to tubes I've heard coming from anything SS. Sounds best when it's been puttin' out that class A heat for about 48 hours. At that point you should be able to cook your breakfast on it while your're listening to your Mahler.


PS Haven't heard it myself, but if budget is tight then an Aleph 3 is supposed to be very similar in character and should be just about 1K used. Only puts out 30 watts though, while the 5 puts out 60 watts. With the three you still may be able to toast some bread at least.
Kinergetics KBA-75 was a real nice amp and can be had for around $500 if you can find one. It bettered some of the higher priced amps in my system. Sweet mid range with nice extended bass. Has a built in fan so it runs as cool as a class A amp can run. Will drive any load too.

Happy Listening.
Forte 4a can be had for ~ $500.

When they show up.

Try some Monarchy SE-100 monoblocks; you should be able to find them for around $1000 for the pair. Very sweet Class A sound. They do run hot, though.

Toastmaster brand new for 69$ at Wall-mart.I just bought one
,those bagels in the morning are to kill for.
Check Rogue M-150 Mono's,for music purposes.
used threshold sa3...pure class A and 50 watts..great amp...
I have a Pass Aleph 3 and love it. Warm, rich, and above all musical presentation.

Downsides are lack of bass slam and not enough power. I'm looking for more (without mortgaging the house yet again). However I don't intend to part with my Aleph unless I'm absolutely forced to. For one thing, the case is a work of art.

Thanks for all the responses!
May I second the Pass lab Aleph seies. I've heard the 4 and 5 and have the 3. It's as near ideal as I think I can get. I do'nt see that it is base light as many have described it. The base is well controlled so it's not prominent. The Monarchy Audio amps I have heard are also excellent as are Sugden amps which are all class A. The latter will take you above you're price limit, but are beautiful sounding amps. I went to the UK Hi-Fi show yesterday and several rooms were using Sugden and they were all listenable, which is more than you can say for most of the dems
The Pass Aleph 3,at only 30wpc plays much louder than one would expect.
In fact, with speakers ~89 db or higher and 8ohm it rocks!
I found the bass to have a very natural sound and gives decent slam.
IMO its the very best bargain in audio.
Dont forget the Bedini 25/25 if one pops up..Bedini will return the amp to new for less than a grand which makes the used price of about 600 a good value...fantastic little solid state amp
there is also a pair of accuphse p266 monoblock amps for sale; owner has them priced a bit dear but you might want to looke at them. They make 30 class watts at 8 ohms; at the flick of a switch it is a 130 watt/8 ohm class AB amp. beautiful units; wish I could justify making an offer but I really have no need for such solid state amps other than the "gimmes"