recommendations for quality line volume control

The output leven on my tuner is almost twice as high as the rest of my source components. At quite low listening levels this becomes an issue because of my preamp's channel imbalance (only with the tuner). Any recommendations that is quality, minimalistc and around $100 or less (half the cost of my Audio Refinement tuner). Unfortunatly there are only 1 set of tuner outputs and no internal level adjustments that I can see.


Use a pair of Rothwell attenuators at the input jacks of the preamp to which the tuner is connected.

10db, which is the amount of attenuation they provide, is considered as a rough rule of thumb to correspond to a factor of 2 difference in subjectively perceived volume. The 10 db should therefore be just about the right amount to compensate for the "almost twice as high" volume that you appear to be describing. 10db is approximately a factor of 3 difference in voltage, btw, if your reference to level was referring to voltage.

-- Al
I might have some of these attenuators in a drawer somewhere. add to my user name and shoot me an e-mail if interested (I sure miss being able to e-mail A'gon members directly...).
Thanks Al,

I am going to try some Harrison Labs RCA line level attenuators at the -6db level since they are here in the US (in case I have to return for a higher or lower level) and were recommended as a quality build. Are they as high of quality as the Rothwell, probably not but they are half the price.

I believe Gene Rubin Audio in Ventura, CA has the Rothwell attenuators. Another Audiogon user brought this up in another thread. Might want to check that out as 6 dB isn't going to do much for you IMO.
I know you wanted something really cheap, but just in case you cannot find what you want, Goldpoint makes some very nice variable attenuators. The SA-1 is the simple stereo RCA interconnect version at about $300. Very high quality units (I have a couple) and you can attenuate your signal at any level you want.
Why not buy a Lightspeed Attenuator? This LDR volume control will also give you the benefit of a more airy presentation. It's a remarkable product. I use one in a vinyl only system.