Recommendations for phono cable (DIN > RCA) under $500

Hi everyone,

As the title says, I'm looking for a DIN>RCA phono cable under $500.  The cable that came with the arm is an entry level silver cable, and it's a bit thin and etched.  I'm looking for a smooth, warmer sounding cable that will not add any treble grain/glare.  Any recommendations you have are greatly appreciated.

Furutech and Oyaide make some nice cables.
Look for cables that claim to be high-purity copper.

Try Zu Audio Mission and return it if you don’t like. Zu return policy is the best, you can return for full refund with no questions. In my opinion even their $200 phono cables are amazing. If you eant more there is Event Phono Cable for $480. Remember Zu originally started as cable company.
Origin Live Silver Hybrid.

“Silver Hybrid design is revolutionary and the culmination of over 30 years in the field. It comprises Silver wires and Copper Litz wires laid up in an advanced configuration using little known handbuilt techniques. Wires are specially treated including cryogenic freezing. The highest performing Black Rhodium GN4 single point contact plugs are fitted for minimal eddy currents.”

I have one listed here for sale after upgrading to an improved arm with the exact same cable hard wired into it.
Prior to making a change with a DIN >RCA Phono Cable.
A small investment into a PC Triple C wire for the head shell Tag Wire can have a good impact on the SQ.
I have done this myself, and am now using a PC Triple C wire on my 
DIN > RCA phono cable as well.

My whole system is presently undergoing Cable Exchanges to PC Triple C wire cables and D.U.C.C wire cables.
Each period of allowed for the entering and assessing a new modern design wire, has not created a outcome where the previous wire was desired to be re-entered at a interface. 
2. hand Audioquest Leopard. Excellent specs, detail, no coloration, shielded, a phonocable done right
Thanks for the recommendations.  I hadn't though of Zu or Origin Live - will take a look.  I've looked at the Audioquest before, and if a used one ever pops up I'd jump at it.  

Sincerely, Scott
I hadn’t though of Zu or Origin Live - will take a look. I’ve looked at the Audioquest before, and if a used one ever pops up I’d jump at it.

As I told you Zu Audio cable can be returned with no loss, not sure how many companies can give you this option.

Mission mkII or Event are absolutely top quality phono cables, definitely worth to try. I use Zu Audio mission mk1 and mk2 in my system with top cables from Ikeda, Audio-Technica and some silver cables. Zu are great and often less expensive than others. I also use Zu Audio Mission speaker cables (bi-wire configuration) for my Tannoy System 15 and they are better than more expensive speaker cables I own. 

check out Grover Huffman. Before I got my Riggle Woody, I used his din/rca cable on my Fidelity Research FR66s arm. Easily bested the stock silver cable and a couple of others I tried.

Cheers,         Crazy Bill
Just bought a used Audioquest Leopard.  Made an audible difference seemed to increase bass and smooth out the highs.