Recommendations for next headphone

I currently have the Focal Utopias, Abyss 1266 Phi TC, Focal Stellias, and Hifiman Susvara. I have a number of amps and DAPS, the AK SP2000, Ifi audio, Focal Arche, Benchark DAC3 HGC, Woo Audio WA11, WA33. Also using Naim ND5XS2, Auralic G2.1, and PS Audio Directstream w/bridge DACs. Not looking at electrostatic at this time, until ready to plunge for a top of the line amp for that. Not considering Raal. I do like detail, clarity, and the more bass the better, but detailed bass, not muddy. Dosnt have to be super fast, I have that and more covered with what I have now, but I do enjoy different types of sound, one kind is never enough to satisfy. Meze Empyrean? Sony MDR Z1R? HD800S? HEDD ? Others?
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So, then I really shouldn’t mention that I was considering the shangri la sr, minus its amp and use the woo audio amp? 
If you like the sound of music....take a listen to the Grado.   Not nearly as expensive as the big guys, but (to me) more musically engaging.
@speedbump6 How does the Empy rate in your stable of phones? I am thinking of getting a second headphone. So far the Susvara has been recommended to me by the person would recommended the Empy. Love the Empy so I am assuming the Susvara is also great.
I assume you mean the meze empyrean? They are a more relaxed headphone. So far my favorite is the abyss 1266 phi tc. Havnt has time to try the woo audio wa33 with any of them yet, so, that could change as I’ve been listening with woo audio wa11, ibasso 220max and ak sp2000 portables so far. Just now ordered the Shangri la jr, so have three 

Yes, I was referring to the Meze Empyrean. The Abyss Phi TC was another I was looking at but I am under the impression that it is a bit finicky with placement on the head. I move my head around a lot to view 6 office computer monitors and I wanted something that stays in place. The Empy does stay in place. I will have to demo the Abyss instead of buying blind like I did with the Empy.

I have the Benchmark HPA4. I wanted to get a second amp and right now have narrowed it down to a second HPA4 or the Headamp GS-X mini. I will do a bit of research on all the amps you have.