Recommendations for next headphone

I currently have the Focal Utopias, Abyss 1266 Phi TC, Focal Stellias, and Hifiman Susvara. I have a number of amps and DAPS, the AK SP2000, Ifi audio, Focal Arche, Benchark DAC3 HGC, Woo Audio WA11, WA33. Also using Naim ND5XS2, Auralic G2.1, and PS Audio Directstream w/bridge DACs. Not looking at electrostatic at this time, until ready to plunge for a top of the line amp for that. Not considering Raal. I do like detail, clarity, and the more bass the better, but detailed bass, not muddy. Dosnt have to be super fast, I have that and more covered with what I have now, but I do enjoy different types of sound, one kind is never enough to satisfy. Meze Empyrean? Sony MDR Z1R? HD800S? HEDD ? Others?
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How many heads do you have?
I’m gonna be sick. 
So, then I really shouldn’t mention that I was considering the shangri la sr, minus its amp and use the woo audio amp? 
If you like the sound of music....take a listen to the Grado.   Not nearly as expensive as the big guys, but (to me) more musically engaging.
@speedbump6 How does the Empy rate in your stable of phones? I am thinking of getting a second headphone. So far the Susvara has been recommended to me by the person would recommended the Empy. Love the Empy so I am assuming the Susvara is also great.