recommendations for new HT room

i try to addition a HT room.does any one know how to build a new HT system room (like what do i need for sound isolation,power.....what size of room when i used B&W 802D,how height for ceiling....I been thinking about 16'wide x 24'long x8' tall :THE FLOOR:sub floor, with 3/4" solid harwood floor.THE CEILING: making 4'x4' box beam.SIDE WALL:will making 1/2 wall for wood panel,and the other half i will using fabric wall cover up to ceiling for all around the room.What do you think ????? ANY RECOMMEND WILL HELP. THANKS YOU ALL !!!!!
Cuti- absolutely wrong dimensions. Room dimensions where two (three in your case, even worse) dimensions are multiples of each other will result in large suckouts and large bumps in the low end of the frequency spectrum due to room modes. Leave the ceiling at 8', but try something like 17' x 27' (or 23') for the width and length.

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