Recommendations for Network Music Streamer

I am a bit helpless and thought to pick y'all brain if anyone can help. Recently I sold Auralic Aries Mini that was there in my dedicated music system. It was hooked up to PS Audio Perfectwave Dac MK2. I used the Aries to stream mainly Spotify. It was great, but the app and interface was not that great. 

The DAC is one of the highly recognized DAC, especially for the money that one is looking to spend. I am now looking for a streamer that can stream FLAC, DSD, WAV, mp3 (I know not an audiophile quality, but the Bollywood music I have is mostly mp3. I guess, Hi-Rez is not mainstream yet back home..). In addition, looking to stream Spotify and Tidal (in future). Budge is about 2K. If there is something without built-in DAC, that would be fine as well.

Any recommendations?? I have been looking at Lumin D1. But wanted to see what could be the best option. I do want to have freedom of accessing the system via iPad or any other android devices, so would like to stay away from the idea of connecting a laptop to the DAC.

Thank you.

Lumin D1 would be a great choice for streaming. An inexpensive alternative would be to consider is Bluesound Node 2.

You mentioned Bollywood music, if that’s somewhat a priority, then I would recommend getting a modded SONOS streamer with 96kHz sampling rate from Wyrd 4 Sound.

SONOS has been in streaming business long time. The app interface is very easy to follow and the box offers the flexibility of adding lots of US and International Streaming services (including Ganna).

Hello laltik, 
Thank you. I do listen to Bollywood about 30% of total listening. Mainly I focus on Jazz and soft rock. I will look into SONOS modded by W4S. Thank you again.
the csn v1 not vbersion 2 is $600 on music direct while inventory of the older model exists. is way better in every way vs bluesound node 2 $500. not even close.Newer version is $900 with a batter analog dial, little faster cpu for brosing you library, and 7 vs 3 sets- minimal diff old v1 to new just out v2
file 1man,
Thank you. Actually I just pulled the plug on Lumin D1. I also bought PSU. I will post a review on the unit once I receive it, and get it up and running. 

Thank you for your help.