Recommendations for Music on DVD

Looking to collect some great performances of jazz, rock classic on DVDs (not DVD A). Would appreciate ALL input...
If my understanding is correct you are asking for recommendations for Concert Video's on DVD? If so, some of the one that I own and enjoy a lot everytime I see and hear them are listed as follows:

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
James Taylor - Live at the Beacon Theatre
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
Rod Stewart - It might be you (American Songbook)
Roger Waters - Live at the Berlin Wall
Diana Krall - Live in Paris
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Barbra Streisand - Timeless (Live in concert)

As you can see the list comprises of music from different generes so it all depends what you can relate to. Pick all or pick some, they will not be a disappointment.

However, you should wait for others to post their list as well, I am sure folks here will come up with good selection for you to pick from.

Good luck!

Happy Listening (and Viewing)!
You might want to pick up "In The Flesh", Roger Waters' live show recorded in June, 2000. Decent video work, good guitar and a pretty good song selection as well.
Pink Floyd "The Wall".
Talking Heads "True Stories".
Talking Heads "Storry Telling Giant".
Mylene Farmer(check out her a$$).
Sarah McClachlan - Storytellers
Dave Matthews - The Central Park Concert
REM - Perfect Square
Allison Krause - Union Station Live
Norah Jones - Live in New Orleans
Some that I enjoy:

1) Bonnie Raitt Live - DTS - This sounds pretty darn good and Bonnie is lookin' good, too.

2) John Fogerty - Blue Moon Swamp Tour - Excellent video, great sonics, John is in fine form.

3) Yes Symphonic Live - Wow, great performance and excellent sonics. Recommended.

I would recommend checking out circuit city...they had a huge selection of music DVD's last time I checked...barnes & noble wasn't as good on the selection and neither were the local record stores.
Some of my favorites are:
Moody Blues at the Albert Hall
BOND Live, also at the Albert Hall (I have played this one the most, by far.)
A few that people have missed:

1) Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
2) Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

And I'll put in a second vote for Roger Water's In The Flesh.


I mentioned Fleetwood Mac - The Dance in the first post on this thread :)
I second talking heads but also put in a word for U2: Live from Slane Castle. Slane has DD, DTS, and PCM to suit all systems.

Oops, you sure did. Sorry about that. BTW, do you know if the new Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston DVD is in anamorphic widescreen? I was looking at it today in Circuit City but it doesn't say on the case.


I could not confirm that the DVD is "anamorphic widescreen" since it is officially not indicated anywhere. I checked for you at AMG, Band's site, a few other places where the album is listed, however, at amazon one of the reviewer has mentioned that it is "widescreen" if that is of any help. From what I have read so far this looks like a superb DVD/album to have for any Fleetwood Mac fan.

I am glad I did this search since I am now convinced that I must get one for myself.

PS:I assumed your post was addressed to me, is that right? :)
Quadophile, yes, my message should have been addressed to you. I'm really messing up here! You would hope by now that all widescreen DVDs would be anamorphic, but that's still not always true. And concert DVDs seem to be the biggest offenders. I'll have to check around some more. Eventually one of the DVD news sites will do a review and they'll confirm one way or the other.

Just a warning while we are on the subject of specification ambiguity regarding concert DVDs. In my collection some discs do not indicate on the packaging that they contain DTS tracks when in fact they do - Red Hot Chili Peppers at Slane Castle comes to mind.

I wish this whole system was standardized (both audio and video formats) like we often see w/ DD tracks where a grid of channel number and language options represents track encoding. And along with everyone else I am amazed that all DVDs aren't anamorphic anymore.
Also, what we're starting to see more of now is CD/DVD sets, in the standard CD packaging, instead of DVD packaging. These usually have very little information about the specifications of the DVDs. Another example that comes to mind is the CD/DVD set of Gov't Mule's "The Deepest End".

Try almost anything that is done in DTS. I've got about all of the ones listed here, and then some, and the DTS DVD's are IMHO much better sounding.