recommendations for kitchen cabinet-top speakers?

My house is prewired for stereo but no speakers have ever been installed. I plan to start by getting it working in the kitchen. The speaker outlets are 12" above the kitchen cabinet tops. The cabinet tops are 7.5' off the floor and 15" deep. I was thinking about using bookshelf-type or satellite-type speakers as opposed to on-wall speakers, since the depth of the cabinet will partly block the sound propagation from an on-wall speaker. Given the height of the cabinet tops, I was also hoping to find a speaker that I can point downward. Basically I just want to fill the kitchen with music. My current approach is to blast the stereo from the living room :(

One thought was to use something like a morel soundspot, but the house is very warm/earthy looking with lots of wood, some I would prefer not to use something silver and high-tech looking.

My questions are:

(1) What do people think of using a bookshelf- or satellite-type speaker in this situation vs. a wall-mount type?

(2)If I use bookshelf/satellite speakers, can anyone recommend one that could be placed on a cabinet top and pointed downward, or that is already built for the purpose (i.e. pointing downward when sitting flat)?
Recommend RockSolid or B&W Leisure Monitors (LM series) as these have small/integral swivel base that were designed with wall/ceiling mounting in mind.

Also, you might keep in mind the possibility of water splashing around wherever you mount them in kitchen.
I would have to agree that's probably a pretty good application for the Mirage Omnisats. Basically the ceiling will reflect the sound in much the same way the tweeter reflector works. Take the grills off and tuck them against the wall up there out of sight. They will probably fill the room out nicely and give you a little more bottm-end then the Gallo's.
Ubid has MBquart speakers now at great savings. They sound pretty good, and look ok too.
Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
As it turns out, I already have a pair of Mirage Omni 60's. I'll move them onto the cabinet tops and see how they sound. Should be very similar to having omnisats up there except that the 60's are taller so they will be closer to the ceiling.