Recommendations for Integrated Preamp Migration to Separates?

After some very good years with the Audible Illusions Modulus 3a and integrated MM phono, there appear to have been some outstanding components developed since.  So now, I am becoming interested to evolve my integrated pre-amplification to separates (phono and line); but, with the caveat of still keeping the AIM3a employed specifically as either:

  1) MM phono stage only and upgrading to a better line stage (tbd)

  2) Line stage only and upgrading to a better phono stage (tbd)

In short, I’d like to continue using the AIM3a and the better-considered stage.  Any specific thoughts, suggestions or advice on this approach?

Much appreciated!
You'll be able to get much better sound from a good integrated like a Raven Blackhawk or Reflection than just about any combination of separates you can put together for the same total cost. But while I will do everything in my power to talk you out of throwing money away on separates, I wouldn't for a minute want to discourage you from upgrading to the Herron VTPH2A phono stage. That's a true no-brainer.
Thanks for the feedback. The Raven products are gorgeous indeed; however, I should clarify my post.  The Audible Illusions Modulus 3A is a preamp with an integrated MM phono; my AIM3a is interfaced curently into my power amp already; so not looking to replace the power amplifier right now.

I am trying to determine which part of the Modulus preamp would be a better upgrade path by separating the phono and line stages by either 1) purchasing a new phono preamp and use the AIM3a just for its' line stage OR 2) keep the AI preamp to use as just the phono stage and into a new preamp (ex LTA)? I have read that many early Modulus owners bought the preamp for the phono.

Read many excellent reviews regarding the Herron VTPH2A.  However, I wonder whether the AI Modulus 3a if used then as just a line stage would be up to task for all that the Herron could provide?