Recommendations for int amp with headphone jack

I am looking for an integraded amp that can double as a headphone amp. My price range is under $2000 used. Obviously the first amp that comes into mind is the Cary 300SEI. However, I 'm not sure if this amp's 15 wpc will be able to drive my Merlin TSM-M's. I am also considering the VTL IT-85. How is the headphone section on this amp? I have not read any comments on it. Are there any other integrated amps out there with headphone jacks? I am primarily interested in tubes but will consider ss. Thanks.
Portal Panache
How about the Cary SLI-80 Sig. ? I just bought one used. It has a headphone jack. Lots of nice features. Can't tell you about the quality of the H-phone section -- i never listen to H-phones. Go to the Cary site and take a look, then go to the dealer for a listen.
Talk to Bobby @ Merlin about the compatibility of the Cary ... you might be surprised!
I'll second the Portal Panache. Tremendous bang for the buck.