recommendations for inexpensive turntables

I have to hook up a 16 year old with a turntable. he has no more than 280 to spend total (ie with cart and arm).
he will use it with a fisher 500c I just got him.
i know that there is a music hall mmf2.1 that I could get with a ok entry level cart for $270.
until now I have set up a couple of people with Denon dp35f's for $100 complete. but they had very little to spend so there was no option for anything new.
now with a slightly larger budget I do not want to miss getting the most for his money but I honestly have no idea if I should go with a new mmf2, or some better used player. what would a better used player be for these kinda dollars?
my experience with a Rega p3's and up and my current Aries is not helping me.
thanks very much for any guidance

I think that a used Music Hall MMF 5 would be worth considering. With luck, you might find one for about $280. It is said to be quite a step up from the MMF 2.
MMF-5 is a deffinite step up from the MMF-2.

MMF-5 has better platter AND a decent cartridge
Get him a used Technics. Their better FG servo belt drive w/ plug in cartridge is better built than the glass & particle board TTs mentioned above. Doesn't take a second look...

For those who *do* need a second look, think of speed/rotational stability, isolation/damping and price/performance. All those three areas are wanting in the glass & particle board crowd.
I'd also consider looking at a used Thorens. Although I'm not an expert on them, between this forum and audioasylum's vinyl forums, you will find tons of posts declaring their tremendous value.
As for cartridges, the lower priced Grados are worth checking out. Good luck, Spencer
Tagyerit - Which turntable did you ultimately get? I can vouch for Sbank's comments. I am the second owner of a Thorens TD 146 with a Grado Silver cartridge, and it sounds worlds - no, galaxies better than my dad's old Technics turntable with a audio-technica "P-mount" cartridge. However, his Technics was a "linear tracking" model. I'll bet a Technics P-mount turntable with a conventional arm would sound better, but not as good as a Thorens. I'd like to try a used conventional arm Technics if I find one cheap; I was always curious of how one sounded after I learned about the disadvantages of "linear tracking". -JB