Recommendations for inexpensive Integrated

Small system in office.
Looked at an amp called the DARED Integrated, $869.
Anyone heard of this.
It's an all tube, 30WPC (all I'll need).
Thoughts, suggestions.

You might want to look at the new TEAC reference series integrated, the AI-501DA. It's 30w at 8 ohm of Class D power. Very musical with USB, coax and TosLink inputs and a high-quality DAC. About $750 street.

Also, for a bookshelf or desktop system, it has a small footprint, about the size of letter size paper.

Plus, you can't deny the output meters are cool.
Hello--I bought a Marantz integrated a few years ago, one of the "lower" models and it has been flawless. Their current line up is at all price points so perhaps there is a current model that falls within your price.