Recommendations For Home Theater Speakers

I am looking for recommendations for inexpensive (-$500.00 for a used pair) mains to use in my home theater. They will be driven by a high current amplifier. I am looking for something that will play movies at reference levels without complaint or damage. I'm thinking Klipsch or JBL. Any recommendations for models or additional brands appreciated.
Look for used ACI Sapphire III speakers for the fronts and ACI Emeralds for center/rear. They may be slightly over your budget used but are great speakers for HT and music.

While I would not play these at concert levels (115 db) they can play uncomfortably loudly in a medium room with the only damage being your hearing.
PSB Image series, used.
Ok, there's lots of variables to consider there, that are not mentioned - like, for instance, what electronics do you have?(sonic compliments?)... Is this a single seat, "sit in the middle" HT setup?... Are there other off-axis seats to consider, etc?
I mean you could easily pick a pair of horn speakers that don't properly cover the area you're trying to reach, in regards to your seating locations. Basically, the water-fall plot falls off like a rock with horns, when you sit off axis (roll-ed off mid/high's). So consider. Also, other designs like Dipoles can exhibit this problem.
I would recommend some horn speaker if you can set em up right, likely in a Dappolito configuration design.
Then again, what's your room setup/layout like? Do you have a low ceiling in a long room? Do you sit close? That all matters! Without knowing your room setup and acoustical considerations, I would be safe in saying to stick with some otherwise sonically excellent medium to high sensitivity designs.
Speakers that would fit into this category, and otherwise offer good sonics would be Used Paradigm Studio 450's, NHT M5's, NHT VS2's(?), maybe a larger Klipsch Reference center (ok refinement, great dynamics!), Older Dunlavy SCI's were excellent, Mirage THX (forgot models), and others.
The deal with the Klipsch's, IME, is that they always sounded better with tube gear. So, that's just me though.
But, it all depends on the level of sonic refinement you're after.
At this price range, you'll really have to try something, and likely try a few to find out what you're after.
Besides that, you've gotta be more specific...