Recommendations for good jazz radio stations

Recommendations for good jazz radio stations on the internet. The one i use to listen to Sunday mornings, was WFNX out of Boston was recently cut after 26 years due to budget, so they say. The mix they played of new and classic jazz was really enjoyable. Looking to listen to something similar. Thanks for any recommendations.
KMHD 89.1 from Mt. Hood Community College, located in Gresham (Portland) Oregon
KKJZ 88.1 from California State University, Long Beach, California:
No single station these days, but there is a lot of good jazz programming scattered around still on FM and Internet stations.

My current fav is the program "G Strings" featuring a very knowledgeable host and a fantastic variety of Jazz Guitar recordings on WPFW Washington DC (available over Internet) every Sunday morning.
Not a station but a show: Jazz with Bob Parlocha. Excellent jazz program that seems to be carried by various public radio stations around the country. San Mateo, California Atlanta, Georgia
WWOZ in New ORleans is another good station with good sound quality broadcast over the internet.

The Radio Roku service accessible via Internet from a Roku Soundbridge device on your system provides access to thousands of free internet stations, many with very good sound quality, and hundreds of stations that feature Jazz music to some extent spread around a half dozen or so different Jazz related music genres
KRTU 91.7 FM out of Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Fantastic programming at all-jazz college station. The good stuff, too (if you like your 'smooth jazz', this isn't the station for you).

Log on at call letters >dot< org. Bookmark it! You'll be glad you did. :-)

[I have no affiliation with the station or staff]
88.3 fm WBGO (also best new york jazz station
TSF Jazz (89.9) out of France is excellent.
My current favorite.
Enjoyable swing jazz from France. Check out
Great music from all over Europe, including some fine jazz.
KPLU, Pacific Lutheran University. Claim to be the most downloaded internet NPR station in the world.
CJRT 91.1 Toronto
One of the best jazz stations in North America
WICN out of Worcester one of the best 90.5.WGBH out of Boston at 89.7. Also, Emerson college has an ok station at 88.9.
My favoritE is WICN.
Thanks for all the recommendations.
Just reread my post.
One of those stations should be : out of Atlanta, GA.

Great local college radio station.
WPFP 89.3 WWW.WPFP.ORG JAZZ,BLUES,word music, true hip hop, morning talk, world news. Part of Pacifica radio. publicly supported. no commercials.
Another to try is KUVO out of Denver.
KCRW, KUSC and KKGO out of LA.
WWOZ.....90.7...New Orleans. This is the public supported station of The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation which puts on a little 7 day show every spring here called The New Orleans Jazz Fest!
They stream 24/7--check them out.

I tried several of these and found some great stations. My favorite of those recommended so far is accujazz. If you haven't tried it, check it out. You can choose from a number of different 'stations' within the station to suit your mood, including be bop, classic, dixieland, smooth jazz, avant garde, piano, vocal, guitar, saxophone, etc. You can even choose by composer (well, at least some of the great ones), in the event you are in the mood for Monk, or music inspired by Monk, for example.

This station is just tremendous for jazz fans. I look forward to checking out more recommendations others have made. Great thread!

By the way, I can't remember if anyone has mentioned it yet but Pure Jazz is pretty decent as well.
WPFW - Wash.,DC and

Here are two I would like to add to the list:

WPFW out of Washington, DC and Jazz FM91 out of Canada.