Recommendations for fast sounding cables

I've recently acquired a SEP amp based on kt88's and while it presents well in many ways it lacks the speed of my push-pull and ss amps which is typical.  Thus I'm looking for some nice and well rounded sounding speaker cables (non-biwire) and interconnects (single-ended) that excel in speed, tempo, PRAT, whatever you wanna call it to try to get some of the head nodding and toe-tapping back.  Transparency, detail, open soundstage are basic requisites as well.  I would also consider maybe changing out my psu umbilical cord, usb, and digital coax.  I understand that this will likely involve some or all silver in the makeup of the cables, and while I like a lit-up sound- an overly bright anything will usually get quickly replaced.  The budget is not high at $100-$300 new or used but may make considerations for something exceptional that fits the bill. I've gathered that some of the following may work- please feel free to comment on those as well, but I would also like to get some more suggestions.  Thanks!

Mapleshade Double Helix
DH Labs Silver Sonic T-14
Signal Cable Silver Resolution
Hey mapman- here's a subsequent post I put up with a bit more info, but with this setup in question out of the list would be JBL L100 Classic or Monitor Audio Silver 2 and likely Triangle Titus EZ with a Reisong A20. 

Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions thus far. In reading some of your comments. I now realize I should have qualified some of my statements and will first start with a list of my modest gear I am using for a better picture of what I am working with and some further explanation of my expectations.

Lector Digicode 2.24
Musical Fidelity V-dac

Prima Luna Dialogue Premium
Vincent K-35
Reisong A20
Audio Alchemy DPA-1

JBL L100 Classic
Kef r3
Kef ls50
Monitor Audio Silver 2
Definitive Technology SM45
Triangle Esprit EZ (on its way)

Supra USB 2.0
SVS Soundpath Ultra
IXOS interconnects
Digital cable (can't remember the name)
Triode Wire Lab PC's

The amp in question is a Reisong A20 that I bought new here cheaply on the Gon and was meant to be an experiment to see if I couldn't cheaply fill a void as I understand no amp can do all things which is why I keep a few on hand for synergy purposes. I've since upgraded the tubes to Gold Lion kt88's and some WE pre tubes. and run it with a Triode Labs pc. I may consider modding it someday as it is a good looking unit but I'm not there yet. It is surprisingly quite good and really isn't terribly slow with the L100 Classics which is 90db. I'm not here to start a flame war but I am squarely in the camp that prefers tube amps to ss for over 15 years and understand both have their virtues and non-virtues. I also understand that the most logical step is to get even more efficient speakers and will do that someday- but as I like to buy used, I've yet to come across a pair to bring home that I think I might like at the price I'm looking for. Since my suite of cables are quite competent though not awe-inspiring- I thought maybe I could gently help push the signal through a bit quicker by upgrading some cables in which all of my gear can benefit from- not just, but mainly the SEP, and really I'm not expecting miracles in the speed department. All of the recommendations thus far sound interesting and I will look into all of them. Please keep them coming, thank you

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Audio Magic has been doing silver cables the right way for a long time.
Look, I appreciate the comments and understand the viewpoints about how this may be a flawed experiment.  However, as I've said, this amp really is not that slow with the JBL's which is a quick sounding speaker and I know that I have heard people (some heree on this thread) and many a cable manufacturer (though I do not take their word as gospel) to attribute gains in prat and tempo from cables.  Again, I'm not expecting ss speed nor is that what I am necessarily after- I'm just looking for an incremental improvement.  If I want to listen to something with more boogie factor I can listen to my Vincent K-35 with Genlex kt-77, or next in line would be my Dialogue Premium, or my Audio Alchemy DPA1 (ss)- which all provide plenty of, especially the Vincent.  It would just be nice to see if I can make a small improvement here with this SEP as it was not a planned or big purchase- there are no high stakes here.  If it doesn't work- then I'll still have a cheap amp that plays fantastic with jazz, vocals, and even down to mid-tempo electronic music.  I'll also likely have nicer cables from the upgrade that the rest of my gear can benefit from.  
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