Recommendations for Electronic Crossovers - HELP

Dang, I am biamping my B&W 804 matrix speakers using a 200 watt for the woofer and a 50 watt per channel for the top - I have looked everwhere and cannot seem to find a decent outside crossover that does not cost an arm and leg. Wasted a lot of time looking at stuff meant for a PA system! I am not looking for a kit either. Please help. Thanks!
Bryston 10B is a good choice. As I have mentioned in other posts, make sure the crossover is configured for your specific speakers or that the speaker manufacturer states clearly that the crossover will match with your speakers. it is simply not as simple as some suggest. Almost every speaker has some inherent issues that require specific wave shaping circuitry to correct. A basic crossover does not have this circuitry. For Example, when Krell made the KBX crossover, you had to state which speaker it was to be used with so they could include the correct circuit card to correct for the inherent speaker issues. A simple call to the manufacturer will solve this. But I have heard nothing but positive things about the Bryston crossover.

Another Marchand recommendation. I built 3 of them, (XM44) one for me, the other two for friends. They are easy to assemble, just follow the instructions. Jallen
I second the recommendation for the Bryston. I am using it in my system that is biamped with ribbons and Infinity Watson dual voice-coil woofers.
If I were you I would look at the numbers in your original post. You are putting 50 watts on top and 200 on the bottom. Can you run the speaker with just one amp?

I think what you will find when you install the crossover is that an additional veil has been introduced. I find most electronic crossovers to be detail filters. Although I have felt this way for years, it confirmed in spades a few years ago at RMAF when we attempted to use one of the units from the recommendations above.

In short, one would use a crossover for PA applications, but a good crossover for a high end speaker takes some planning. I would talk to Tom Tutay at 1-850-244-3041 if you are really serious. He is not on the web BTW. He makes the best crossovers out there.
Actually speakers such as B&W Matrix will benefit from replacing built-in crossover by high quality electronic crossover.