Recommendations for DAC w/bass management?

Hey guys. My system: Mac Mini ---> CP-800 ----> Pass X250.5 -----> T+A Criterion 110s. Also have 2 JL f113's.

I'm thinking that I want to move away from the CP-800. I've kind of isolated it as the device causing the shoutiness & edginess at higher volumes. The way I see it, and do correct me if I'm wrong, since I'm all digital, and will always remain that way, I really don't need a Pre-Amp. Might as well spend $4-5k (my budget) on a really incredible DAC rather than Pre-amp whose features I'll mostly never use.

The CP-800 is quite an awesome pre-amp with all the features it has, and I would ideally like to find some of those features in a DAC. The most important thing is for the DAC to have 2 pre-outs for the subs, and some sort of crossover to high pass/low pass the mains & subs.

Your thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!