Recommendations for CL rated speaker cable

Hi, started this thread here in Cables forum and didn't get any bites. Started it over on the AVS Forum site in Monitor Audio thread and got my head bitten off. Wondering if you have any advice on really good CL rated wires for 21ft/7m runs to Monitor Audio Apex speakers?

Here is the original post, will be upgrading CDP or DAC soon.

Any advice on specific wire selections appreciated. Really not interested in debating virtues of zip wire versus exotic cables, I believe well designed wire is worth buying, and you are not going to change my mind in this thread. Just looking for some good ideas for CL rated cables for under a grand. Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps not your preferred cable but here's a common sense answer (follow link) to your question. Blue Jeans gets much of it's cable from Belden.

I don't know where you live nor do I have any idea about local code but it seems to me that you could use almost any brand of high end cable provided it was contained or shielded like armored Romex.

If you have an electrician and an inspector coming to check on the installation they can provide an answer for where you live.

My personal opinion is there is already such a mass of wire in modern homes a run to a set of speakers is not much concern.

Where I live the inspectors are mostly worried about high voltage and show little concern for burglar alarm, CATV, internet and similar low voltage cable runs.
Well, this is helpful actually. My house is new and I had to have the low voltage wires inspected as well as the AC lines before closing the walls. I think it has to do with fumes or flammability in a fire rather than electrical fire hazard of low voltage wire per say. I could check with inspectors and more importantly insurance carrier before constraining choices to CL. Helpful because would like to try Kimber 8TC which is not CL rated, but many other choices as you suggest.

Ps- I use a couple of Blue Jeans sub cables and have heard their speaker cables and interconnects. Nice products for the money. I actually live in Seattle and have picked up wires at their warehouse and got tour. kn
In my house I use Audioquest 14/4 CL2 rated cabling. I've been very happy with it on all levels. I've used it in two different houses. I got the 14/4 so that I could use the pairs together to give me an 11AWG cable if I wanted or a pair of 14 AWG. That flexibility has come in handy for me.
I've used Monitor Audio with Audioquest and got great results. AQ uses very good shielding. If you can find some Type 6 or 8 you'll have some really well made, good sounding cables, without spending a fortune. I've used 8TC. Its a great cable, but I think the AQ is a better match for your speakers. (and its more money).
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Thanks all for the input.

Internetmin, I am currently using AQ Flex 14/4 and AQ Type 4 (see link to original post on Agon "cables" forum for info on the HT/music system in question.) I really like the 14/4 cables too and have used them in several other applications, but think the Type 4's offer more detail, why I am broadening search to better match them.

Zd542, yeah I am considering AQ Type 8 wire, I think it is or was available in CL rated bulk, not cheap but much less than what Kimber TC8 is going for these days. I also think Type 8 would be a better match for the Type 4 wire currently running to my surrounds which is there to stay until I rip the walls and ceiling out.
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I second the Blue Jeans /Belden suggestion. They've been my cable source for many years."

Does Blue Jeans actually make their cables or are they just a retailer that buys bulk from companies like Belden and cuts them to whatever lengths customers order?
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I didn't mean to suggest Blue Jeans was not good in any way. I buy my cables from Cable Co. They're just a retailer as well. I was only curious.

"As part of my audio evolution, I quit spending money on audiophile cables years ago. This was a practical engineering decision."

I know. Audiophile cables can be a real pain. Most of them are way to stiff and bulky to run in any practical manner. I broke more RCA jacks on the back of my components than I care to remember. lol There's some pretty good stranded cable out there (Kimber, Cardas, Wireworld, etc). I do prefer solid core, but you can get the stranded stuff to work OK.
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"I really appreciate the specs provided for Belden cable. With audiophile cables I felt like I'd have to buy a dozen brands and models and then conduct blind testing. It just wasn't practical and electrical characteristics aren't published on many. So I gave up... with no regrets."

Did you ever listen to the cables or not bother because you didn't know what the specs were? There are quite a few cable manufactures that do list specs.
First, you really need CL rated wire in the walls. Other wire would not pass inspection, if they actually look it it. In any case, CL2 and CL3 wire is readily available, so why take a chance. Cl3 takes a higher voltage than CL2. Either will work in your case, but why not go with CL3 if possible.

I have used Belden 12 gauge CL3 in wall wire and been very happy with it. There is no reason to go with 10 gauge at those distances. 14 gauge would also work, but for the modest price difference I would go with 12. Running 14/4 makes the run a lot easier if you are running to a common spot like a volume control. If you are running directly to the speakers, then just use 12/2. Make sure you speaker wall plates and/or banana plugs take 12 gauge. It is a pain to try to get 12 gauge into a 14 gauge hole. Depending on decor, you can also run the Belden wire from the wall to the speakers. For my theater, I just run the wire out of the wall places with the wallplates meant for home theaters, either the recessed ones or the bump out ones.

If cost is a concern, Monoprice has 12 gauge CL2 wire. I have also used it and it worked fine, but I have typically used it only for secondary speakers, like background speakers in a second room. You might consider it for surrounds, if the runs are long.

Belden cable is also usually available at local volume electronics stores (not big box stores), but you may have to buy a set size, like 100 ft or 250 ft.

For the sub you can run Blue Jeans Belden 1694A with RCA connectors. I think it is CM rated, with also works in walls.

I run the Belden speaker and coax in my theater and am very happy with it.

Before investing in expensive wire, I would get some Belden and try it, not in the walls, and see how you like it. At 50 cents a foot, it is a cheap experiment compare to $1000 for audiophile wire.
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