Recommendations for CD Player/DAC Combo

I was slightly surprised that there isn't a very large selection of CD player/DAC combos out there.  Yamaha, Marantz, Musical Fidelity, and a few others make them, but not many other companies.  It seems like building a cd player into a DAC makes a lot of sense, like an integrated amp.  Can anyone recommend one these?  My budget would $3000 tops.  Thanks, J
If you fancy a bit of Tubey lovelyness try the line magnetic LM-515cd. One of the most satisfying CD players I’ve listened too and a great dac as well. Love mine.
If you can find, the Onkyo C-700R, CD player at under $2,000.00 is one of the best you'll find at anywhere near your price goal....Jim
Hello,I own a musical fidelity kw 25 dac and transport combo that I purchased from audio classics for 1500 dollars used retail at the time for7000 and never looked back.Wonderful sounding combo very fine sound and the option of tube or solid state output if you can find one used that would be in my opinion highly recommended.
In response to OP question, I have an Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse CD/DAC unit. I use the DAC to process signal from my media bridge streamer. I’m very happy w the SQ. I don’t play CDs as much as I stream, but I think there’s value in a quality transport to spin w/o jitter and in my case, the tubes add a lushness to the digital signal that I find appealing. 
A few years ago I bought a used Musical Fidelity M6CD with built-in DAC and it sounds wonderful coupled with my Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP integrated amp. Love it!