recommendations for buying used balanced integrated or power amp 2k range?

any suggestions?

would be used to drive a variety of tower speakers with sensitivity above 89db

source would be rotated for the time being between  between bluesound node and Lumin d2

the amps that come up regularly in my area for sale used are Yamaha s2100/2200 and Ayre AX7e


You will get more with a dedicated power amp for $2K than you will with a full integrated, almost exponentially. And if you can swing for just a bit more at $2500, you’ll start to find some excellent options, such as:

Modwright KWA series (there is a KWA 150 SE selling on TMR for $2679, I’ve never seen it that low)

Benchmark AHB2

Parasound A21+


Try the original Parasound A21. Great value. I recently tried a nearly 20-year-old A21 against the new A21+. The original is clearly better. Even from the listening chair the old design is audibly lower in noise and distortion, despite what the specs would have us believe. Independent measurements back this up too.

Don’t bother with newer designs unless you want something very efficient and lightweight, such that would necessitate Class D, Class G/H or THXAAA. All other amplifier topologies reached full maturity decades ago.

An older Krell or Threshold amp mated to a good preamp will produce better sound than most integrateds under 4 or $5K.




If your only sources are a Node and a D2 why do you need a balanced integrated?