Recommendations for best most efficient speakers

Perhaps it is a misnomer, but tubes require very efficient speakers. Since I love tube integrateds, I am looking for recommendations on the best, most efficient hi-fi speakers available for someone on a mid-fi budget. I am looking for sensitivity ratings >= 94DB. I have found a few, but they are cost prohibitive.

Thanks in advance for you help..
Must agree with the misnomer reference. Tube gear when designed correctly carry a very nice punch and can drive well even inefficient loads. Why do you think they build 200 wpc monoblocks? Please get this out of your head.

I took my VTL Tiny Triodes (25 wpc triode) to a shop and drove the crap out of a pair of Martin Logans. The bottom end held together, midrange was what was expected and sweet highs.

Find a decent tube integrated, haul it around and hook it up to speakers in shops. You will not be disappointed.
You might consider a pair of Proacs. I am using Proac 2.5 with 30 watt monos (tubes). Very good and affordable.

If you can go up a few notches, consider Audiokinesis (wish I could afford these), Devore.
I have used Cabasse speakers (Caravelle, Farella, M2) with tube amps with excellent results. All are around 93.5 dB 1w/1M and work well with the SE and PP tube amps I own. Cabasse speakers are hard to find used. The most I paid was $850 for the used Farella's in perfect condition. Caravelle's were designed specifically for tube amps and are an easy load to the amps. How much power are you planning to use? How big is your room? How much do you want to spend on the pair of speakers? There are a number of choices so if you include those details, perhaps some of us can help you with additional suggestions.

A pantale, note that the sensitivity rating alone doesn't tell the whole story, and can even lead you in the wrong direction. A 4 ohm speaker will have a higher 2.83 volt sensitivity rating because 2.83 volts into 4 ohms is 2 watts, but may well not play as loud or sound as good on a given specialty tube amp as an equivalent 8 ohm speaker with 3 dB lower voltage sensitivity. Also, if the amplifier in question has a very low damping factor, the smoothness of the impedance curve will be a factor in the net tonal balance.

Unless you define what "cost prohibitive" means to you it is unlikely you will get a good answer. I was going to recommend Avantgarde Trios with multiple Basshorns but they are prohibitive at over $100,000 so I recommend the much more reasonbale Duo Omegas which are closer to $25,000.
Zhorn, Omega, Fritz, kcsloudspeakers, a small sample of loudspeaker manufacters offering sub $1000 med eff [arround 94db 1 watt 8ohms]loudspeaker systems.
There is a nice write up over at on the main page.
tekton, hornshop got to be more, anyone else care to add to a under $1000 pair list?
Used Klipsch speakers represent the best value for the money. I would recommend either Forte II ($400-$500) or Cornwalls ($800-$1200). Both are very effecient and can easily be run with tubes. They also sound excellent.
Coincident Speakers
Hang on until KCS has a pair of demo speakers for sale, then pounce. The most quality and sound for the money.IMHO.
Thanks for the article. I knew some of the topics discussed, but it was very informative. It still begs the answer of better efficiency for lower powered amplifiers. Although there was a great point made by Celtic66 and the inference made in the article. High efficiency does not equate to high quality sound. I have a Jolida JD-202A, which is fairly good integrated tube amp and should conservatively drive most of the speakers out there, including those that are in the sub-90db range. I guess I just need to take the suggestion and lug my tube amp around the shops and have a listen.
Thank you Audiokinesis for the clarification. It seems logical and I am really tempted to test the waters a bit more before diving into loudspeakers.
never use 'efficiency' as the most important determining factor selecting loudspeakers, unless things like 'sound' are indeed less important. klipsch heritige and coincident are great, and happen to be efficient. that said, many (as in hundreds of designs)can function with modest push/pull power and sound great as well. many designs which cater exclusively to the flea watt crowd are not good all-rounders, and in many cases, even the mega expensive horn designs come off sounding like a PA system....with no bass as well.
'even the mega expensive horn designs come off sounding like a PA system....with no bass as well.'

You jest sir?
'in many cases'......i;ve heard some great ones too....klipschorn, impulse, altec
Jaybo- have you heard the Impulse H1's?
yes..impulse H1's are one of the all time greats....
I am lucky enough to own a pair of H1's on another continent. Would cost 2k to ship here. I've been thinking about doing it because they are such an awesome speaker. Where did you hear them?
Tvad, I've shown the Jazz Modules with a 5-watt SET amp at RMAF 2006; a 15-watt SET amp at Lone Star '07, and a 30-watt SET amp at CES '07. One of my customers tried a bunch of different amps and for a long time his favorite was a 2.5 watt SET, but I think he has moved on to something else (I don't recall what). I've also shown the Jazz Modules with a 30-watt OTL amp.

With the 5-watt SET at RMAF '06 we did have some audible clipping on loud solo piano, but other than that I didn't have to watch the volume control.

The Dream Makers have only been to one show so far, RMAF '07, and there they were driven by a 30-watt OTL amp. We were probably getting around 110 dB peaks at the listening position, extrapolating from estimates made by Lynn Olson. This is way louder than I ever normally listen.

As for slam, mine are pretty good in that area but I won't claim they are in the same league as the big guns from Classic Audio Reproductions. Speaking of which, I bet Johnk could do a custom speaker that would be serious competition for the big CARs.

I might be showing a pair of Dream Makers in southern California in a couple of weeks - if so, want me to give you a holler?

I might be showing a pair of Dream Makers in southern California in a couple of weeks - if so, want me to give you a holler?

Audiokinesis (Threads | Answers)

Absolutely without question give me a heads up. Thanks!
The dream makers at the Denver 2007 show sounded pretty good.
Vintage Sansui sp-5500' of the all time greats!
bd design
oris 150 or the best speaker is swing
second hand rehdeko
Focal makes some very efficient speakers at reasonably prices 
if you love tube integrated amps,you may fell in love with sound of Harbeth.Harbeth may be not efficient on paper,but pairs very well with tubes:) Just pure magic
Spatial Audio makes a great speaker. I drive My M1 with 8 watt Triode of Japan 300 B integrated to very loud levels with great dynamics and bass.