Recommendations for automatic tonearm lift

I am considering an automatic tonearm lifter for a Sota Sapphire with a Rega 700 tonearm. Any recommendations / comments? Many thanks in advance for any input.


      I've been using original versions of this unit, since the early Eighties* and have never been disappointed:

                  *Of course: they were much less expensive ($19.95) back then.

      Bought a couple, back in the day.   The first functioned great, for almost 30 years.

      Pluses: miniscule mounting area, very light trip and gentle/smooth lifting action

      Minuses: haven't found any

I use the same one as rodman99999 uses on my VPI Classic Table with a JMW arm and it works great. Works with a very gentle lifting action as rodman per rodman's comment above.

I have one called a 'Q Up' it works fine, in being very sensitive, and not too exuberant when triggered. 

This version has an oblong shape and can be a little more flexible in being able to be set up at an ideal positioning, that is not obstructed by the TT Chassis and Tonearm Base.

There is also a basic design as a method to enable a Height Adjustment.

Once in position it can be held in position by a Blu Tak material of similar.

I don't know if all TT's are compatible with a Tonearm Lift, especially a design that has a large base, but the use of one can be quite reassuring if a loss of attention is a possibility.

I’ve the pricey one with the stupid name, "The,Little Fwend". It looks good’, installs easily, gently lifts the tonearm and works every time.. It garners excellent reviews and is well worth the outlay. You can price it at Music Direct. Check out this video from Michael Fremer’s Analog Planet..


Say hello to my Little Fwend! Seriously…good stuff. I have it on my MoFi UltraDeck and love it. Easy to use just remember to press it down before you play a record. 

It does take a minute to remember to reset the Little Fwend by pushing the arm back down each time before you play a record side, but it quickly. becomes a habit to do so. Maybe you have to do the same with the other models listed above too.

The Video clearly shows two things that were of importance when I was looking to use this type of device.

1, The Base of the Tonearm Lifter fits between the Tonearm Base Plate and TT Chassis without compromising the lifters function.

If the Tonearm Base was Proud of the Plinth Top Surface, would the selected Tonearm Lift fit in this location without being impeded in the positioning.

A Rectangle Shape can be an improved shape, when more options on positioning is needed due to encroachment of other parts belonging to the TT Set Up.

2, The lift is quite controlled and not exuberant, which is very reassuring, when the fragility of the Stylus/Cantilever is considered.

I have the little fwend on my Technics Mk7. It's the dj model of the little fwend made to fit the technics. Super quality and works very smoothly. 

I never quite understood how "starter" turntables have much more convenience features than the higher end, much more expensive units... The more you pay, the less you get !  

+1 Little Fwend. @rbanathy FYI, it fits fine on my Sota Nova (same cutouts as Saphhire) using a Rega-geometry armboard for my Audiomods arm. Cheers,


I have a qUP on my VPI Scout II and it works flawlessly. For $29 it’s a bargain. 

Pindac, the tapered Little Fwend is roughly 3/4" wide at its base. I have mine sitting against the tonearm’s platform on my VPI Classic 2. That leaves about a 1-3/4" space remaining between the Little Fwend’s tapered base at its widest point and the turntable’s platter, an easy fit. The arm on the Little Fwend, that the tonearm touches to activate the lift, extends out a little further, maybe another 1/2", to within 1-1/4" of the platter, again an easy fit.

You should be able to extrapolate those dimensions to see if it would fit your turntable.. If I recall, more exact and metric dimensions are available on the Little Fwend site. Little Fwend also has an extensive list of compatible turntables at


I used the “Little Fwend” on my VPI Prime for over 6 months. I could never get it to work consistently. The tone arm would either bounce back to the middle of the record after hitting the trip wire or nothing would happen when the tonearm hit trip wire. It looks wonderful.  But, I could never get it to work. 

@kenrus From what you’re describing it sounds like you should double check your antiskate, leveling of your table or both. 

Yeah, that’s kind of weird. Just the slightest touch and the lift lifts. Mines never malfunctioned even once. You should contact Little Fwend’s site and see what’s up with that. I’d be curious to hear what they’d have to say.


@ skyscraper The content I have been supplying has also been for an individual who might revisit this type of information in the future.

It will offer a description of things to consider when choosing a Ancillary Tonearm Lift and is not really meant to be a Brand Promotion.

I knew a from my observation that a round base was not compatible with my go to TT's Chassis / Tonearm Interface, so chose the model that could be used without impeding the positioning, most importantly a little catnap is not so concerning with this type of device in use. 


No problem. and I don’t mean to be hawking the Little Fwend. I’m an end user and just happy with mine even though it was kind of pricey. Don’t mean to get this thread off track either.


I have tried AT, Tru-lift and Little Fwend lifts and Little Fwend was by far the best.