Recommendations for auto or semi auto turntable

For a second turntable, I would like to know what autiomatic or semi-automatic turntables are the best sounding. Something that my wife (or I) can play without having to stay attentive. Is there one that you think has high sound quality? Thanks
the new dual 455 and 505 rules. it it with most of the entry level veg-o-matic style tables, and some that are beyond reason as well. auto shut off or lift is still the single greatest feature on a turntable.
Some of the auto DDs from the 1970s are quite competent in stock form. I can vouch for the Yamaha PX series (all three OK but PX-2 better than PX-3 by a fair bit IMO; PX-1 quite good but difficult to find outside of Japan), and the PX-2 comes up for sale reasonably often. It is a cinch to use, and given how well it performs, it is very inexpensive. I can also vouch for the Diatone LT-1, and a few of the later full auto Kenwoods (like the KP-1100 and the KP-9010), which are in my mind screaming bargains if you can get the full set-up in good condition.

Love the system BTW...

And I've admired yours as well. Drop by for a listen;-)

We have a Sony PX-X70 that, while decidedly mid fi, gets the job done. I'll look around for a PX also. I was hoping to discover something very good from the board although I'm not sure anyone ever made a great auto.
B&O Beogram series. Look for the 4500, 5500, 8500, or 9500. In addition to the convenience of auto cueing, lift, and shut off, they offer linear tracking and no alignment of cartridge, VTA, or azimuth is required (just tracking force). In the case of the 4500, there is a built in RIAA equalizer so you don't need a phono stage.

These tables with properly maintained MMC series cartridges are very good values. I'm using a 4500 right now and it gives my Scheu a run for the money.
I have had good service from some of the less expensive Micro Seiki tables from the late 70s. [Couldn't afford the more expensive MS tables at the time as a working college kid].

In fact, I use a DD35 (vintage '79) I purchased new and it continues to work flawlessly. It's in my 2nd system. Last year I installed a new Grado cart ($150). Sounds quite good. Teamed up with JBL L65 speakers from the same era. I see the Micro Seiki tables offered from time at a very good price point (low risk purchase) from to time on various web sites.

One thing for certain, I've never used the "record drop" to play discs in succession. Thank goodness.
check out the denon tables....very well built and economical ........they look good....dwhitt