Recommendations for an Audio System on a budget??

What's a decent audio system for a friend who bought into a B & B..hotel? She wants to do outside speakers to, so a multi-system. Not overkill, something intermediate to pipe around the place..several rooms and porch, garden areas. Any ideas? Pricepoints?

Thanks for your help.
NAD with multi channel amps. and some small Gallo speakers, not the cheapest way to go, but very good price for performance. The Gallo speakers are nice because of looks and size, also colors, for outside just get some all weather JBL speakers or something cheap but acceptable sound.
NAD is known for great price for substantial performance, the gallo's are known for good sound and they look like works of art so I wanted to have you look into them, have fun and best regards Chad
Panasonic DVD-V/A changers as source (e.g. FX 87). Surprising sonics for the money ($100) NAD/Rotel/Marantz multichannel/multiroom receiver. This is where the money would have to be spennt. If she could find a bulk of used NHT super-one and outdoor one.. like on ebay or even here on Audiogon.. these are speakers that are an amazing value. They are all easily mountable (threads for a bracket in the back) and have a decent bass by themselves.. but require decent quality amplification.
NAD carousel player, multichannel amps with something like Paradigm Atoms for cheap. These can be run in series/parallel to a point.
Hello Bigkidz, How about a Linn Classik [all in 1 box amp, tuner, cd] in each room with some small speakers like Epos ELS-3[$], and a multizone amp and in/outdoor spkrs. for the garden/porch/etc. the Linns can be hooked together and controled by one of the units and the multizone amp could also be wired in ,so you could pipe in one source throughout the property, or each Linn could play something different! That would be cool.i can see it, new age/chamber/acoustic music piped throughout during the day, and after dinner, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata-etc. by the fireplace or on the porch! Very classy and relaxing, also not cheap. An alternative would be a Nad L53 all in one box unit in main rooms [about 60% less expensive than Linns], and the ability to play dvds. Guests could watch a video after dinner, or you could make a video highlighting the things to do/see/history in the area narrated by the owner of the b&b with soundtrack!, just add a tv monitor of some sort. That would be nice. I would skip the tv myself, and listen to beautiful music in the fresh mineral hot springs outside!, as long as i'm dreaming. Thanks for listening, Alan