recommendations for a sub $2000 cdp


I'm looking to upgrade my current RAM modded Esound E5 player.
I'm in the market for a unit up to $2000 (used or new) and looking for recommendations.

How about a used cary 303/300 ?

my current setup - JRDG 201 amps (also shanling sp-80 for tube)/lector zoe pre/usher 6371 speakers.

All responses are welcome.
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that for $2k, the best thing out there is likely to be a musicserver rather than a CDP. I am still figuring out which way to go, but for $2k, I would be leaning towards a Mac mini + a Buffalo DAC from $2k would get you a dedicated MacMini, lots of hard drive space, a Buffalo DAC and the trimmings, and a cable between the two. Depending if you got your MacMini used, how much HDD space you got, the cost of your USB cable, and what trimmings you put on the DAC, you could probably also get an iPod Touch to use as a remote control for your system, in which case you'd have the coolest and upgradeable $2k CDP out there... The other way to go might be to build a cMP music server - recipes are available on the PC Audio forum on AudioAsylum. When I did the math, it came in under $2k. Both look like excellent solutions.

Disclosure: I have used Macs for several years, and have an iPod Touch, which I think is great. I also have a CDP in a second system which I bought for just under $2k several years ago.
T bone

Call me old fashioned but I like to see the computer under my desk and a CDP in my stereo cabinet but i'll do some research on your post. Thanks
ARC CD3 a very good player that when available sells for around $2000, worth the wait. If you want looks too a Raysonic 128 on AgoN now for $1075.
I'd second T-Bone's recommendation to move in the direction of PC audio. My experience has been that at its best it has the potential to outperform any CD player you'd be likely to find at that pricepoint. Short of that, I'd look at a used Modwright Sony 9100 Platinum Signature Truth, or perhaps a used Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP.
I love my JAS Musik 1.2!!!
I think it depends if you need SACD or just Redbook that you're after as well. if you're strictly Redbook I'd look at the Bryston BCD 1 as well as the ARC CD 3 and maybe even the Sim Audio Equinox or SE version. Also helps as what music genre you like for your match as well. Hope you find one soon to meet your needs.
I have a Cary 303/300 and like it very much. It is a very musicial and harmonically rich player with good tight bass characteristics. Plus I can fine tune the sound on the tube output side by rolling tubes (which I've done).

The player was discontinued 1/1/09 and there are several on AG in your price range. If my CD player disappeared one day, I'd replace it with another 303/300. For $1800-$2200 they are a good value ($4000 MSRP).

My 2 cents.

It's mainly redbook (classical/jazz/rock).

Anyone had the chance to match the ARC cd3 with the cary 303/300 and also the MF A5 ?
I like Jax's recommendation of a disc player:

03-12-09: Jax2
I'd look at a used Modwright Sony 9100 Platinum Signature Truth, or perhaps a used Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP.
Jax2 (Reviews | Threads | Answers)

Having owned a Modwright Sony 999ES, and an Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP (both stock and modded by Empirical Audio), I would suggest the Modwright Sony 9100ES for my sonic preferences (and format flexibility).

However, it's possible the Electrocompaniet might be more reliable over a longer period of time. This observation is based solely on many of the most reliable CD players being top loaders, which includes the EMC-1UP.

In defense of the Sony 9100ES, I have not read any complaints of its reliability.
There just happens to be a Resolution Audio Opus 21 for sale for $1,750 here on Audiogon. Check the online reviews for this cdp and you'll find nothing but glowing reviews. I've owned one for a few years now, and I have no desire to upgrade beyond it. IMHO, it is a true example of a best bang for the buck cdp.

(BTW, I have no connection to the seller.)

Good Luck in your search!
sony 5800. sony will be around five years from today after the warranty expiers. I have heard the ARC and found the sony more pleasing to my ears, plus it is a great value.
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Icorem, I (personally) like SS so I currently own ARC and truely enjoy the detal and resolution that I get from it (wouldn't trade 'em!). I wasn't able to hear the Bryston as the dealer will only order when requested, the same delaer also carries Cary. We just got an MF dealer in the area but that won't help here. Given your equipment I'd say that either the ARC or Bryston would be an excellent match. Also as a suggestion get a good after market PC as well for the choice, it makes a huge difference.
Get the new Sony XA5400ES SACD/CD for a street price of $ will blow you away and keep you off the upgrade path for a good long while:O)