Recommendations for a stereo power amp with a XLR/RCA input switch around $2k

I recently scored a Cary SLP-98P tube preamp that I’m currently powering through my Musical Fidelity M6si integrated HT bypass. I’m thinking of selling the integrated to get a dedicated stereo power amp. Naturally I’m considering their M6s PRX model because I like the Musical Fidelity sound (beefy and musical). I also like that it has an input switch between the XLR and RCA inputs.

I know some people here are not MF fans (not sure why and don’t care to get into that), but would I be missing out if I get the MS6 PRX over another amp? What other amps around the $2k mark should I consider? My goal is to get a neutral/musical sound, with good controlled bass that is not over analytical or fatiguing, and prefer Class A and A/B. I play jazz, electronica and rock mostly. My speakers are Tannoy XT8f FYI.
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What DAC do you have? Even if it has a volume control it could easily sound far better run through your preamp with RCA connectors than direct to your amp with XLRs.
I have an RME ADI-2 DAC with both XLR and RCA outs. I have the RCA going through the Cary preamp and want to go direct to amp via XLR for when I want to do non-hifi/tube listening off my computer. I've gone direct into the power amp before and it sounds fine to me. Do you have any amp recommendations that fit my workflow? 
Second Parasound. The A21 or A21+ would be a good choice. They offer what you ask.