recommendations for a replacement for a Levinson no 23

My long loved Levinson no 23 has died and I need help on options for something to replace it. My system is like me, old/old school, but mostly still functioning. I assembled the system and then took a long break from buying gear to raise 5 children. I've gotten years of enjoyment from it and it helped keep my sanity raising the 5 children.
My system is as follows:
Linn Sondek, Ittok, Linn cartridge
Oppo 95, a couple of older disc players, 2 old dacs and an apple computer with an Maudio card
Linn Kairn preamp
John Curl Symmetry ACS-1crossover with an outboard Levinson power supply
Bryston 4B driving a pair of Hartley 24" subwoofers
Levinson No23 (currently dead) driving MartinLogan Aerius loudspeakers
High end audio in my area is very limited and the lines of gear they have on hand are also limited. So I am 20 plus years out of date on whats out there and how it sounds. I love the sound I got with the no 23 and would prefer to stay with SS gear. My budget for this endeavor is about $3500. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated and I thank all of you in advance!

Find a tech person that can fix the Levinson. Or send it back to Levinson for repair. Too fine of an amp to be used as a doorstop!
In the meantime use the Bryston to drive the ML Aerius's.
Great advice. You'd be hard pressed to find an amplifier with a comparable sound quality to a factory refurbished ML no. 23 for $3500.
Repair the N° 23......
thanks for the replies

The problem is finding a tech to repair it. I've been looking but have not found one yet and I thought the shipping costs to and from a Levinson repair center might have been better spent elsewhere. They won't give a ballpark guesstimate (I guess I can't blame them) but to spend a couple hundred bucks just to get a repair quote seemed a bit expensive. As for using the Bryston with the ML's I tried. The Aerius's need a subwoofer, they really open up when using one. The Bryston doesn't have the soundstage or nearly as good a sound. My old DQ-10's are currently back in service as they sound much better with Bryston. At this point I will continue to look for a tech as I agree it's to good an amp to use as a door stop

Pyramid Audio in Austin TX has been a recommended service center. 

305 East Braker Ln. / Austin, TX 78753-2746
Phone: (512) 458-8292 Fax: (512) 453-4542
[email protected]
Another +vote for Pyramid Audio.

have you thought about moving up the ML line to a No. 27 amp?
Happy Listening!
This is from the Pyramid Audio web site:
No23 and No23.5 have amazing build quality.
Most problems have nothing to do with a design weakness but are simply due to their age. For almost 30 years now they have cooked themselves to the point of failure. Service is difficult because the internal construction has no connectors. That’s right, everything is soldered in place.
Not only that but the common problems are not so much capacitors but a fair number of resistors that have aged and have become noisy and there are a number of capacitors that need to be replaced. The good news is the very largest electrolytic capacitors almost never fail and that does keep the price down to some extent. However the repair takes in the neighborhood of 30 hours. The result is an amplifier with the original specifications and classic Mark Levinson sound. So the bill for overhauling the No23 or No23.5 typically runs about $3000, maybe a fifth of the replacement cost.

I just wasn't sure my No 23 was worth that expensive of a repair considering what they don't replace would still be almost 30 yrs old.

jafant I not considered the No 27 as the Aerius is a very power hungry speaker and without one to try I am not sure if it would power them to the level I occasionally like to listen at.
how did this story end? Was wondering if you had it repaired. I just acquired a gentely used 23 (still working well)  and hoped to hear a success story...


I have been unable to locate anyone relatively close by that will work on Levinson gear. I did find a recapped  23.5 however. So my system is back in working order and I'm still looking for a repair facility. 
Well, not sure where you are located but  Pyramid Audio near Austin Tx. I believe is a Mark Levinson approved service center and one or two of their technicians worked at Madrigal Labs during the no. 23 production years. I know shipping will cost about $120. But considering the value of such a great amp that’s what I’d do. I have repaired some of the vintage amps of the 70’s and 80’s but the no 23 has protection circuits that I am not knowledgeable of. 
Would you consider selling it if you decide not to repair? As the 23.5 you now have is an upgrade according to most.