Recommendations for a nice direct view set

I am in need of advice for the purchase of a new direct view tv for my smallish HT. I am looking in the range of 35-36", and have always had a preference for Sony products. What is the real bargain in sets of this size at the moment? I need at least one set of component-ins. I'd like to keep it under $1500. Thanks!
Panasonic Tau or
Sony 36 something 300

Sony 36 something 800 is awesome but more money!
Do you need HDTV? If so the best value would be the 32" Samsung for $900 at Costco. Even with the compromised setup at Costco, the resolution and true whites surpass the Sony or Pana HDTVs at $1500. Or if you do not mind the scan lines, I think you can find a 36" non HDTV Sony or Pana. If you watch primarily movies you should get a good rear projection widescreen, like a 42" Toshiba Cinema Series for around the same price.
Several weeks ago, I made a post to a similar thread that summarized the ratings of TV's by "The Perfect Vision". If you are interested in the thread, here is the link:
The Toshiba 36HFX72 was recently selected as product of the year by The Perfect Vision. It has more features than SONY and costs less. Highly recommended.

Sony sets are VERY nice, but I also think that they are WAY overpriced. In my humble opinion, I think that Panasonic and Toshiba tend to give you more set for your money (peformance, picture quality, connections, and features). Take that from someone who owns a 27" Panasonic SuperFlat (and it was the TOL model back in 2000...... CT-27SF37). Compared it with a comparable Sony model that same year, with the controls on both sets properly adjusted, and yes..... I have to admit, the Sony did edge the Panasonic out, but that was only slightly. But the VERY thing I had a big problem with was that the Sony was $200.00 more than the Panasonic, but yet, in my humble opinion, I believed at the time that although, the Sony's picture was slightly better than the Panasonic was, that wasn't good enough to justify the additional expenditure as far as I was concerned, and therefore, I ended up picking the Panasonic. And if you REALLY like Sony's TV, then why not go with an XBR model (great sets...... but for more money too..... a LOT more as a matter of fact). Speaking of which, the 27" Sony that I have checked out in 2000 was an "none" XBR model by the way. I don't think that Sony has made a 27" XBR since about 1996 (if that is correct), and in my opinion, it was still overpriced. So with that said then, my recommendations for a 36" Direct-View set are:

(01). Panasonic (the TAU series).
(02). Toshiba (the Cinema series).

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.........
IMO, the "super flat screen" type direct views do not exhibit proper geometry; they look concave, and I have never been able to shake that feeling. Not sure about the new Aconda, but the older Loewe TVs (consensus choice for best direct view) were NOT flat screen.
Swampwalker, I think the concave problem with flat screens you have noticed is often if not more often true. I suspect it's due to quality control issues that are endemic to the flat screens. I have noticed some flat screens don't do this, but more often than not they do.
A "flat tube" is almost an oxymoron. If is not convex then it must be concave (there is a vacumn in there, right?). I have noticed this too, but it does not bother me as much as convexity.
Its not the tube that looks concave, its the image.
Where is the image?
I think I understand what you are getting at; yeah the image is on the inside of the tube. Never thought of that. But I guess I really don't care why, the picture just looks caved in, esp. on SONY Wegas, IMO.
I don't know, but it seems like a leap to assume that because a picture tube is a vacum that it is "sucking" the picture in. I could be wrong.
You cannot go wrong with a Sony XBR. Yes it costs more than $1500. However, although listed at $2495., Tweeter gave me one for $1950. There simply is no better picture...
I echo the sentiments of Dwudman. Especially if you have a Sony XBR ISF-calibrated.
loewe aconda is my choice , but , you said nice not incredible