Recommendations for a new SSP?

I currently have an Anthem AVM 30 and I'm hoping to find an equivalent or better quality surround sound processor that has HDMI for both audio and video. New, the AVM 30 was $3000. I paid $1750 used and one recently sold on Audiogon for $650. With the rapid drop in price in general for SSP's, I am willing to spend up to $2000 used or new. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Integra 80.2, if you can find one used.
Macdadtexas - Thanks for the info. I'm not necessarily interested in a receiver. I just researched this and it has 145 watts per channel. I have separate amps and also want something that has a bypass option so I can go directly to my preamp.
There are two Integras numbered 80.2, the DTR 80.2 AVR and the DHC 80.2 SSP.

Kal - Thanks for your help. Is there a difference between the INTEGRA DHC 80.2 SSP and its virtual twin, the ONKYO PRO line designated PR SC5508P ?
There are minor and, imho, insignificant differences.

How's about a Cary Cinema 11a?
The sound from the Cary is very good if you can get over being pissed off about its quirks. The 11A has digital switching problems. Mine tends to lose signal when the digital source signal comes by coax. HDMI is fine. Mine also blew the tweeters in my Totem Model 1's when it got stuck trying to find the source and switching became continuous and VERY loud. I couldn't turn it off fast enough before damage occurred. New firmware helped a little but problems persist. I have no idea how I will be able to sell this thing. My recommendation? Something else........