Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?

My friend asked me to put together an audio system for her to replace her very old system.    She wants an integrated amp that will take an input from her TT.  God knows the condition of her cartridge and stylus!  There are boatloads of integrated amps with BT-streaming capabilities, which, when she comes to her senses, with get a Spotify/Tidal subscription and forget about her 40-year old collection of ragged vinyl.  Maybe not.  The amp needs to be BT-compatible... no extra components.  

Hopefully, the system will be simple:  an integrated amp and a pair of passive speakers.  The budget is about $1K but I could twist her arm a bit to get to $1.5K.  Recommendations for either the integrated amp and speakers would be very much appreciated, relying on the wealth of knowledge that you fellas have.  I will say that she has a pretty large LV room, sort of an "open room" arrangement, and will need speakers to sufficiently pressurize her large room.

Thanks for any and all input.      
I visited my friend today to size up the situation and her needs.  She needs music is two zones: first, the upstairs area where her audio cabinet resides with existing crappy speakers on top of the cabinet, playing into her bedroom directly across from from the cabinet.  The other speakers will be in the LV on the ground floor and both pairs are connected to speaker wire.  Her TT looks pretty good, Quartz-something, I need to look at the photos of  it, but the stylus is canted 25 degrees sideways!  That is a distant, and costly, memory for me. 

My recommendation is for the Cambridge AXR85 receiver and a pair of Tekton M-Lores for the downstairs room.   Then swap out the crappy Kenwoods on the second floor with most anything that will be better -- the ELAC monitors would be a tremendous improvement over these existing speakers for a song.  

Here is the question that I can't quite plumb, from a functional standpoint.  Her goal is for her to be able to sit downstairs and be able to select the downstairs speakers with the remote.  Conversely, she wants to be able select the upstairs speakers on the remote and only play them?  Or perhaps select both pairs of speakers... again from the remote?

I guess what I am angling at is whether the remote can effectively "reach" through the ceiling from the main floor to the second floor to the receiver, maybe 30' or so, and still function, because that is a prerequisite.  If not, are there "boosters"  that would solve the connectivity issue?   I hope the question is clear enough.  

I would ask these Q's to Crutchfield when I order the receiver, but you fellas are my muse so I came to you to get the real story on the BT connectivity.  Thanks for any insights.   I will sort out this cheap and cheerful system for my friend very shortly and let you fellas get back to concentrating on HEA. 

BTW, have a nice system with a Don Sachs preamp, and a new VTV Audio Purifi amp with the Sparkos op amp, the latter of which is really impressing me with its astonishing clarity.  Don Sachs' preamp is wonderful. I have Buchardt S400 speakers and Spatial Audio M4 Triode Masters, both of which are very satisfying.   

I picked up a used SR Orange fuse a week ago and swapped it in my Sachs preamp, expecting to made of fool of, as my trials of everything in the past from SR has been a total bust.   As as fervent "anti-fuser", I will bear my heart and admit that the SQ was very nicely improved with the swapped fuse... a much clearer sound with more articulation to the notes.  Not quite as efficacious as the addition of the GAIA footers under my Spatials, but nevertheless very noticeable and favorable.   It is all good these days.  


Definitely this!!
Then pick...
 There are also assorted Canton, Paradigm and Totem speakers in this price range that would all work well with a Yamaha AS701.
 Grab some Blue Jeans rca/phono cables  And their Ten White or Canare 4s11 Speaker cable and you may still have enough to get a newer cheap stylus/cartridge or year subscription to spotify or Tidal premium.
Shoot, I just saw your 2 zone remote control comment. Can't do that with the Yamaha A-S701 I recommended. Sounds like she wants something more like a Sonos system to pick and choose zones.
Here is what Crutchfield says about the remote:

Use a universal remote control

An RF (radio frequency) remote can be used to control components that are out of the line of sight of typical IR (infrared) remotes. RF signals can pass through walls and ceilings, which makes this type of remote a good option for controlling your connected sources from another room.

And here is a link to the page where at the bottom you can ask them for help:

Multi-room Video with a Home Theater Receiver (
Not sure if you have mentioned yet but is used a possibility?