Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?

My friend asked me to put together an audio system for her to replace her very old system.    She wants an integrated amp that will take an input from her TT.  God knows the condition of her cartridge and stylus!  There are boatloads of integrated amps with BT-streaming capabilities, which, when she comes to her senses, with get a Spotify/Tidal subscription and forget about her 40-year old collection of ragged vinyl.  Maybe not.  The amp needs to be BT-compatible... no extra components.  

Hopefully, the system will be simple:  an integrated amp and a pair of passive speakers.  The budget is about $1K but I could twist her arm a bit to get to $1.5K.  Recommendations for either the integrated amp and speakers would be very much appreciated, relying on the wealth of knowledge that you fellas have.  I will say that she has a pretty large LV room, sort of an "open room" arrangement, and will need speakers to sufficiently pressurize her large room.

Thanks for any and all input.      
Sounds like cheap to me.
Why bluetooth?

Well, that is what her budget allows.   BT will allow her to stream music to her system from her computer or iPhone via Tidal etc.
Not trying to bring out the flame throwers, but Tekton Design has a couple of models that might fit the bill for speakers: the Mini Lore ($630) and the Lore Reference ($825). The downside is delivery time. Took awhile to receive my Enzo X/L's. It could literally take months, if your friend can wait.

Suggest Amazon for BT compatible integrated amps. A quick search turned up Rockville integrated for under $200. Hope that helps.

Good luck and Happy Listening!
I’ll make some of generalized statements: I’d suggest staying away from a $200 tube amp, Rockville or otherwise, there will be no quality whatsoever to it. Likewise, with her present budget the more options you want built into the amp the lower the quality of each of those individual components, and the amp will likely have less power and the quality of that power will also be compromised.
Okay @facten, I'll go ahead and make a "generalized" statement" too: The budget is the budget.

Obviously, without the BT requirement, there are any number of used amp options that would work. Used speakers can be had for a bargain as well. New is an entirely different story. 

That Rockville amp has nearly 700 product ratings, with 2/3 at 5 stars. Otherwise - not having listened to it myself - I never would have suggested it, or anything like it. Unlike EVERYONE on Audiogon, these consumers are not bona-fide audiophiles; but then again neither is a person with $1,000 to $1,500 in total system budget.

Maybe it's just me, but there appears to be an implicit bias that permeates this site, that if doesn't cost an arm and a leg, or if it's made in China, then it must be junk! Well, based on my purchasing/listening experience that just ain't true. Period.

The recommendation I made is one that I would not hesitate making to my brother, best friend, or anyone else in a similar financial situation looking for good sound … and who also knows exactly where I live. Just trying to be helpful.

Happy Listening!