Recommendations for a mat for the PS Audio PWT

I have a PS Audio PerfectWave Transport. I have found in the past with other transports that a cd mat helps to improve the sound. I have several different cd mats. My favorite is a mat that I purchased from Herbies Audio Lab. However none of the mats that i currently have seem to work with the PWT. Whenever I play a cd with a mat, the PWT makes a lot of noise - a buzzing sound. The cd also gets very warm to touch once I open the tray. I am surprized the Herbie's mat does not work because it is just a thin layer of silicone-based viscoelastic that has adhesive that you stick onto the cd. Anotherwards, the mat is not loose on the cd.
I do feel I need to use something that work with the PWT. Otherwise I feel I may end up damaging the machine. Would appreciate any recommendations from folks who have successfully used a mat with the PS Audio PWT. Thanks
I would think that the PWT isn't designed to use with a mat. On the other hand, I used a SID mat (sound improvement disk) and it worked fine on my Jolida cd player but not on my Esoteric sacd player or my Sony sacd player.

Doubtful it is needed.
Don't use a mat, its a different kind of transport than what you're used to. PS Audio put a computer CD rom type of transport in the one you have. If I remember correctly, it reads multiple passes and then sends the signal to a buffer. So, you're not really listening to the CD in real time. Using the matt should make no difference in SQ. And it sounds like the drive doesn't leave you enough clearance for the matt to fit.
Agree withZd542, it is a memory unit and does not need a mat. The mat is of no benefit in this excellent transport.
Why would you use a mat when the transport gets the reading off of a chip. If you want to improve the sound change the fuses. I like Telos fuses myself.
There is no logical reason for using any after market mat on the PWT. It reads from a memory drive and not real time. It would be less than useles on this transport. Elk explained it very well to you on the PS forums.You will ruin the disk drive if you use a mat...
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