Recommendations for a Digital interconnect.

I am looking to upgrade my digital interconnect between my transport (theta Universal) and DAC (theta Pro-Basic 111A).
I am currently using a Tara labs RSC 75 and would like a cable of superior quality that is detailed, open, transparant and smooth upper frequencies. The Tara is very good but I want to upgrade.The rest of my system is:
VTL 150
Silverline Sonata 11.
Audioquest Volcano Bi-wired speaker cables.
Illumanatti Orchid
An inexpensive digital cable that I hear is excellent is the Goldmund. If you can find one, give it a shot.
I've tried quite a few digital cables the last couple of years. I found the Kimber *Orchid* to be very compatible with my Theta DaViD and Classe Dac-1. I too am running ARC tube gear down the line.
I've used the Kimber Orchid and found it to be excellent. Lately, I've used the Cardas Neutral Reference. It's sold as a video cable. I find the sound to be essentially identical to the Orchid and its considerably less expensive.
I find that all of the Illuminations cables are quite good. You don't necessarily have to go with the really expensive models. Even their inexpensive models are outstanding.

NBS makes good digital cables too. Once again, you don't have to buy the kilobuck model. In general, the Illuminations will be smoother and softer sounding than NBS. This is what I find in my system, anyway.

If you have dealers nearby that will allow you to audition the cables at home, go for it. It's best to try the cable at home in your own system. Cheers!
Ensemble Digiflux is a great cable and I've seen a few out here for as little as $80.
I agree with the Goldmund.It is the most natural sounding to me.
I use and prefer the Cardas Lightning AES/EBU to the Madrigal AES/EBU, which is analytical, while the Cardas is very musical, well-- in my system. Craig
I enjoy the Kimber Illuminations as well.
Have you thought about Theta's own balanced digital cable? I compared it to many (however not the Orchid) and found it to be superior to many more expensive cables (with my Theta gear). I used it with my PB IIIa and Basic II. I have one if you want to investigate.
Ilumination is one of the best.
The other one I'd recommend to try is Omega Micro cables. Weird looking, but great sound.
I would also consider anti-jitter device like SF Jitterbug(under 200) or Digital Lens(around 400)between transport and DAC. But then you will need 2 digital cables. :- )
Thanks for all the recommendations. As most were in favor of the Kimber D60 Illumination, I purchased a pair the other day. They are almost burned in and sound fantastic in my system. They gave me everything I was looking for.
Again thanks to all who responded.