Recommendations for a CD player $1500 or less

I am looking for a CD player and have a budget of about $1500.00.

Does anyone have any comments about the Sony SCD-XA5400ES?
Yes, buy it immediately! It is a phenomenal player for both RB and SACD. This player has put a smile on my face more so than my Krell SACD standard, BAT VK D5 24bit, Levinson 360s/37 combo, 390s 0r Wadia 861se. I also owned the Sony SCD-1, XA777ES and XA9000ES players...this one is the best:O) It is warm, detailed, transparent, dynamic and full of tone color like none other I have experienced. Imaging and dimensionality are the best I've heard as well. The Sony XA5400ES is as good a player as is available IMHO opinion.
There is a bel canto cd1 here for 1250 or so. I just bought one and it is a great 24 bit player
I second the sony 5400. Selling at 1150, with a five year, no hassle sony warranty, you can't go wrong. Sony will be around in five years, will the others?
Buconero, Would you post or e-mail direct the name of your source for that price. I'll order one - I've always wanted to hear SACD's. Thanks
American Theatre in FLA can deliver one for $1180 in the US. See the ad on the "Gon listings under Sony. Kevin Mcrory will help you.
Dave b, Are they an authorized dealer and the unit comes with a USA warranty? I've seen their ads but based on past experience I just assumed they were grey marketing Sony as they have other stuff like Marantz (sold without a USA warranty).
Mine actually came from the Record Shop in NJ, who is associated with Kevin. I geuss until I need service I won't really know for sure/
Newbee - I haven't heard this unit but it might be an option to look at - its a Marantz CD/SCAD that Music Direct has on sale to $1400 versus regular $1900 - don't think I saw the warranty stated but I know from buying a Marantz CD afew months ago to use as a transport its 3 yearsand Music Direct doesn't sell grey market - just a thought - good luck
I just spoke with Kevin and he assured me that I have the full 5 year warranty. I love the player:O)
Another possibility if you are open is the NAD M5 Cd/SACD with HDCD. The Masters Series stuff in not regular NAD. It is well thought of, and a lot of them out there. You can buy one with a discount for about $1500.00 from several places new with 3 year P+L. Dave's comments above, I have read similar about the M5, so it is nice to have several quality players in this price range. I and others find the M5 a great player, as I am sure the new Sony is also. I sold my old Sony 9000ES to buy the M5, and that Sony was a nice machine. Good Luck.
Good point also from a few others about warranty on all these many newer branded CD players out there. What happens in a few years if you cannot get them fixed. In this case Sony and Lenbrook Ind, which is NAD, PSB Speakers and several others in Canada will I'm sure be around.
Look, for the price of the Sony vs the competition, even if it breaks, you could buy several units until you would spend the amount needed to purchase a unit that rivals it's performance:O) The Sony is special in the way it Ladders the DAC's and removes the processing from the audio chain via a seperate 1 bit LSI...Orchestral music is reproduced so naturaly that it is uncanny!
I am also wary of American Theatre in FL. I'd like to be reassured. Anyone else, apart from Dave b (no offence, mate), dealt with them?

They always have really low prices and I'd like to know more - how do they do that?

The Jolida JD-100 with level 1 mods from Underwood Hifi is a fine player. Solid construction and great sound with the tweaked tube analog output stage.
FYI, I have purchased several Sony products over the years, including the SCD-1 for $2300 new, the XA777ES for $1500 new and the XA9000ES for $2000 from reputable local dealers. American Theatre was my first out of state purchase as my other avenues were not stocking it. The mark up is HUGE so those that wish to discount heavily can and still make some change:O)