Recommendations for 5V4 rectifier for Cary 2A3i

Well the title says it all. I'm looking to try out a different pair of rectifiers for my Cary 2A3i integrated that I am using to drive some AKG K1000 headphones. No real complaints, just want to know if there is anything I should give a whirl besides the RCAs that I have (short bottle type) in there now. Unknown hours so I want to pick up a spare pair. Any thoughts on the 6SN7s appreciated as well, although I do have several types here to try.
Hello Swampwalker,
Sorry...don't have an answer for your question. However, I do have a question for you regarding your setup: with the low power of the 2a3, how loud does your akg k1000 get at max volume? I am currently using LFD mistral SE, a 75 watt amp, and a pair of 100W avi s2000mm monoblocks to drive my akg k1000. I listen to symphony mostly and with the panels swung all the way out for better sound-staging, I need to turn the mistral to 90% of its max output to get a satisfying volume. However, both the lfd and avi can be rough in the midrange sometimes when paired with the akg. So I am considering the cary 2a3 now. Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
Michael, several tube amplifier manufacturers I have spoken to have told me that they don't hear any sonic benefits to rolling the rectifier tubes. And, these are avowed tube rollers. However, on the other side of the street, I have read several guitar amplifier people say rectifiers do make a big difference in their amps.

Who is right? I'm not sure, but rectifiers are so cheap, that it's worth a try.
Aurthur- I only have the panels swung aout about 30 degrees. The Cary uses a pair of 2a3s per side. I never have turned it up more than about half way (12:00). My family tells me that I listen really loud, BTW.