Recommendations for 5k upgrade

As winter approaches more time is spent listening so I have allocated this budget for system changes and/or improvement. Planned changes are marked between brackets.

PC based music server / SB Touch (ext. power supply upgrade, maybe Bolder?) fed into Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC with Dexa opamps. Alternative source: Sony DVP 9000ES CD/SACD via optical.

Conrad Johnson CT-5 with 6H30DR tubes, CJ LP140 mono blocks (tube rolling planned, which 6922?)

Dunlavy SC-IV modded, Velodyne DD-12 or REL R305 (haven't decided which one to keep)

Power Conditioning:
Audience AdeptResponse 12 with e PowerChord (upgrade to AU24e ? dedicated 20A lines planned)

IC: NordOst Valkyrja throughout (maybe Valhalla, looking for alternatives with better price/performance), NordOst Silver Shadow for S/PDIF
SC: NordOst Heimdall (probably the weakest link here, upgrade to Tyr2 ? Alternatives?)
PC: NordOst Vishnu to preamp and power amps, stock PCs on other devices (waiting for the final direction for PCs, not sure to stick to the loom theory, having all PCs of the same brand)

Isolation: mostly Black Diamond Racing cones/pucks and one BDR shelf under the preamp, some Stillpoints (planning to experiment with alternatives like Aurio, Symposium, etc, under the devices, maybe some for under the speakers)

Room treatment: just acoustic panels behind the speakers, need high WAF suggestions for my 21' x 30' room which has a half sloping cathedral ceiling and an open staircase. (looking for bass traps that can blend in with the interior for the corners)

I am happy with the current setup but like to have more details without being too lean/bright.

What is my weakest link?

Appreciate any suggestion to take this system to the next level without a second mortgage (or divorce) and/or improve the synergy between components. TIA!
I find it hard to believe that you are lacking in detail with this system but here is what I would try. Remove all power conditioning and then remove the acoustic panels. Last the Conrad Johnson gear tends to be on the warm rich side which may come across as lacking detail. You might try a different preamp like one of the VTL units. Finally you might want to sit closer to your speakers. High frequencies roll off faster than low frequencies with distance
First of all, sorry for double posting (I will ask Audiogon to remove this thread as my first one "hung" in their system for a day so I retried). Please response to the other post with the same question.

Arh: I am not lacking detail, on the contrary, I am happy with the system, having done numerous upgrades and wish, with the limitation of my budget, to take this system to a higher level, thereby setting the goals to get more detail, even deeper sound staging (again, I have great sound stage).