recommendations - exquiste chamber music on lp

any recommendations for engaging and well recorded chamber music on lp (original or reissue)

I bought the Janos Starker Bach Cello Concertos and was very pleased with this. Now would enjoy a small group setting of similar quality

There are many, but here's one that's probably up your alley if you liked the Starker. It'll cost ya though (around $40-50 when it shows up on Ebay):

BIBER: Mystery Sonatas. Eduard Melkus, violin; Huguette Dreyfus, harpsichord; Lionel Rogg, organ; Karl Scheit, lute. Archiv 198 422/23, 2 LPs (1968)

A web search on "Biber Mystery Rosary sonatas" will turn up some good info if you're interested.
Below are a few very good ones.



Stravinsky-Soldier's Tale-Los Angeles Chamber Orch/Schwartz-Delos

Stravinsky-Chamber Music-Bostom Sym Chamber Players-DGG

Weill-Threepenny Opera / Milhaud La Creation- Nonesuch

Haydn String Quartets Op 71/4-Salomon Quartet-Hyperion

Mozart String Quartets ("Haydn" quartets)-Salomon Quartet Hyperion

Shostakovich String Quartets-Fitzwilliam Quartet-Decca
For wonderfully, heartfelt lyricism, latch on to some of Dvorak's mid to late quartets and quintets, either for strings or piano and strings. Also very satisfying are the quartets for strings and piano and strings of Mozart and Haydn. I also enjoy immensely a lot of Brahms' chamber music, but you might not find his musical style as easy to relate positively to.