recommendations - exquiste chamber music on lp

any recommendations for engaging and well recorded chamber music on lp (original or reissue)

I bought the Janos Starker Bach Cello Concertos and was very pleased with this. Now would enjoy a small group setting of similar quality


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There are many, but here's one that's probably up your alley if you liked the Starker. It'll cost ya though (around $40-50 when it shows up on Ebay):

BIBER: Mystery Sonatas. Eduard Melkus, violin; Huguette Dreyfus, harpsichord; Lionel Rogg, organ; Karl Scheit, lute. Archiv 198 422/23, 2 LPs (1968)

A web search on "Biber Mystery Rosary sonatas" will turn up some good info if you're interested.