Recommendations discs for SACD/DVD-A trial

Well folks, I'm going to give hi-rez a chance (2 channel, wouldn't want to rush into things). Can anyone recommend a typical and a superb disc that I can buy in both redbook and hi-rez to use to try this out? After reading the latest S'phile article about the Norah Jones SACD being mastered from the redbook digital files and not the analog master tapes, I would like to give this a fair trial. So I am looking for something that is representative of what hi-rez 2 channel can bring to the table, and something that is the best there is. I would like to buy redbook and hi-rez
versions of each of the two discs, so I can put one in a modded Denon 2900 and one in my EMC-1UP SE. I'm not a big classical, rap, metal, or hip-hop but otherwise, I'm open to many musical genre's. I'll be sure to post the results when they are available and would be happy to host some NY/New Englanders at my place in CT for the trial. More details later.
Try Modern Cool . mfsl sacd - 2 channel. Patrica Barber
In the case of SACD, you have a 16 bit (redbook) CD version on the same disc. If you want to have two physically separate discs, rip a copy of the CD layer from the SACD.

Whereabouts are you in CT? I am in Stockbridge MA. (Go Red Sox).
El- West Hartford. Go Sox indeed. I want to make sure that the SACD layer on a dual disc is actually from the analog master tape, and not from the 16 bit master like the Norah Jones fiasco. Otherwise, its not showing what the new format can do. Is there a web site somewhere that gives that info. How about Chesky discs? Is the hi-rez version mastered from the redbook or the master tapes?
I don't know about the 16bit master issue, but the new Diana Krall CD is
out on a hybrid disk, and it sounds terrific on my system in both

Which modded Denon 2900 did you purchase?
I remember my dealer telling me that the redbook layer on a hybrid was NOT the same quality as a redbook only disc. I am not sure of why this might be. I have not found the DVD-As to be as good as SACD on my system (Denon 2900 stock).

As for SACD, Allison Krauss , Live; Diana Krall, Girl in the Other Room. Patrica Barber, Cafe Blue.

It would be great to know the results of your experiment!!
OK!!! The only thing sweeter than winning the pennent is beating the Yanks to do it. :-D. Now for something completely different. I own the Allison Krauss Live on CD, so I will get the SACD, the Patricia Barber SACD and CD and one or two more. As for the hardware, I have not yet selected the mod I am going for. Underwoodwally has a new tube output stage circuit just about to be released; but the Exemplar HAS gotten raves. Decisions, decisions. This is going to be fun. By the time I get the 2900 and get it modded, it'll probably be winter. A great way to while away the cold months.
Swampwalker...I think you need to get a SACD disc that claims to be "pure" DSD. No PCM involved with the master recording, or the mixdown process. On this disc, the redbook layer will have been made from the same original data, but with conversion to 16 bit 44.1 KHz PCM. Of course this may not be fair to the PCM approach, which might be better if the original master data was 24 bit 96 KHz PCM.

I don't think there is a way to do the redbook comparison for DVDA. However I don't see the need, because DVDA is basically the same PCM approach as redbook, but with higher resolution.

The usual comparison is between SACD and DVDA. Perhaps it is just because I have some superb European DVDA discs, but I give the nod to DVDA.

My Denon 2900 is away for the Underwood mod. I really don't want a tube in my system. Been there, done that.
Well I would stick with CDs since you don't like Classical, where SACD format is making inroads, otherwise, DVDA releases are too few and far between to justify a machine.
jdaniels- the thought here is that the 2900 plus mods would cost about what I can get out of my EMC. So I keep the one I like best and sell the loser.
If you need some more test discs (on loan only), let me know. I am in CT on weekends.

Thanks, Kal. I'll do that once I get all the pieces together.
My favourite is Pink Floyd's 3 layered Dark Side of the Moon. Redbook, 2-channel SACD, and multi-channel SACD (never heard this layer). I love the 2-channel SACD layer.
The MFSL Modern Cool is the best recorded digital I have ever heard.
You the night and the music will make you take notice.

Check out "Nickel Creek" (name of the band, and of the album I believe). I don't really know how to describe it. It's bluegrass....kind of. I really enjoy it.

It's a hybrid SACD, so you can buy two and put one in the denon, one in the EC. Very, very well produced.
BTW, SACD does the best with analog tapes or DSD masters. SACDs from 24/96 PCM sources don't sound as good. Even my friends can tell the difference as the final product is still harsh and has less liquidity.
Omains- Good idea. Didn'tknow Nickel Creek and a hybrid disc. I have one of their CDs. Maybe its a hybrid and I don't know it. I am a bluegrass (esp. 3rd gen) fan.
The link Albert provided has peaked my interest in DVD-A discs. My Denon 2900 is in a two-channel-only system. Would anyone care to recommend a DVD-A title or two that would be worth checking out? I listen to primarily rock and classical with a smattering of jazz.
Tvad...My listening is mostly multichannel. Why don't you beg, borrow or steal an extra amp and pair of speakers and give it a try. (If you can russle up a center channel also that would be better).

All DVDA can be played in 2-channel mode.

My measure of audio quality includes the spatial effects of multichannel, so my "best" discs may not be yours.

Try TACET DVD D 107 Mozart Flute Concertos (available from This is nice clean audio, good music, and dramatic when played in multichannel mode. (This disc is the reason that I upgraded my rear speakers).

Try AIX 80008 John McEuen and Jimmy Ibbotson, Nitty Gritty Surround (Bluegrass). This disc illustrates the great flexibility of the DVD media. If you have a HT system, or can visit a friend who has one, try this disc on that system also. In addition to the DVDA program, it includes programs that can be played on a DVD-Video machine. The DTS programs are very acceptable, sonicly.

Thanks Eldartford for your suggestions. I have a separate mid-fi HT set-up in another room. The reference two channel will remain as such.

Perhaps my question should be revised. Are the benefits of DVD-A appreciable in two channel, or is DVD-A only worthwhile in a multi-channel system?

Disc recommendations are still welcome...
Tvad...Strictly in terms of audio quality, DVDA and SACD are comparable, and both are superior to CD (IMHO). If SACD is "worthwhile" for stereo, so is DVDA. Buy whichever discs have the music you like.

However, for DVDA, and to a lesser extent SACD, not using the multichannel capability is like spending a lot of money on an expensive SUV, and then only driving it on smooth roads in 2-wheel drive :-)
Eldartford wrote:
DVDA, and to a lesser extent SACD, not using the multichannel capability is like spending a lot of money on an expensive SUV, and then only driving it on smooth roads in 2-wheel drive

Eldartford, this is a valid point, well taken by me. It also is the reason I buy only hybrid SACD/CD discs that are priced comparably to redbook-only CD's. I'm not likely to ever buy a Land Rover to drive to the local grocery store.

I much prefer my Corvette for that. :)
Tvad...Do you race your Corvette at Lime Rock? :_)
Only if there's a sale on, Eldartford.