Recommendations and opinions..?

My room is 30'l x 18'w. It has one door at the far end and opens to the kitchen thru an opening at the other end. All along one side it is open to a room of the same dimensions.
My current plans are to get parasound separates 5125 5 ch 125 w per ch amp with the hdp70 processor. I am leaning toward von schweikert vr 4jr's for my fronts. I already have their lcr 15 as a center and mb quart as surrounds. What is your opinion on this? Should I go for their 250 w per channel amp? I mainly listen to music but I do plan to use the system for home theater. Any opinion is appreciated.
If you're using a high-powered sub as well, I'd go for the 5125 (extremely clean-sounding amplifier - great choice!). If you're using just the speakers listed, I'd recommend the 250 watt amp, especially in a room that size.

Out of curiosity, how far are you sitting from the speakers? How loudly do you want the system to play?
I have a NHT 12" powered sub now. I usually sit 12' to 14' away. I like it loud, but not uncomfortably so.

Joe in Mobile
You know, with a room that big, even with one sub I'd consider the 250-Watt amp.