Recommendations A/V RCVR


I'm in the process of buying an new A/V Rcvr and would like to get some input as to which ones are best sounding with reagard to music. I am going to use this about 80% of the time for music. I am relplacing an old Sansui G5700, which in my mind has a relatively warm sound for a solid state rcvr (and particularly nice for organ music so I'm told). I suppose I would like to replicate that if possible. I'm looking at an output power of around 100 W/CH and am will be using Snell E.5 mains (as well as the accompanying center and surrounds). I am currently looking at the Denon 2800/3200 and Marantz SR6200/7200 as well as some Yamahas and Onkyo's.

Thanks in advance,
Most popular currently is the Outlaw. See

Onkyo still makes their high end Integra line. They dropped the Onkyo name for these. They are now called Integra Research. See

I have not heard the NAD HT receivers, but based on audio reputation I would give them a listen.

Sugarbrie is on target with his comments about the Outlaw. As to the ones you are considering, the Marantz SR6200 was just reviewed very highly for music playback in What Hi Fi (British magazine). From experience, the Denon (2802) was not great with music.
I would recomend the Arcam series.

(01). Outlaw (don't know the model number...... but that was a $600.00 receiver last year. But they have since reduced the price by $100.00, which now, makes it an EXCEEDINGLY attractive buy....... give one a try).

(02). Arcam AVR100.
(03). NAD T761 (or is the T762 now??).

Good Luck.......

Well you have posted this awhile ago, so you may have already
made your choice, but here is my "two cents".

I have a DENON AVR-4800 and before that I had a YAMAHA
RX-V890. Both great sounding AV receivers. Problem was
my SNELL E-5's were never happy with the power I had given
them. I remember when I bought them that the AMP driving
them really made them sing at the DEALER. They are 4ohm speakers.

I ended up getting a PARASOUND amp to drive them. NOW
they sound exquisite. I will never let them go.

Just a thought. Maybe you should get a mid-end AV receiver
with DTS,THX,DOLBY DIGITAL or whatever processing you
like, but have leftover cash to get a good AMP with hefty
current for the SNELLS to use with you receiver.
just bought a marantz sr6200 - couldn't be happier. had a top of the line sony - the sony was no comparison - this marantz rocks - so many options. and dvd dts and 5.1 is simply outstanding. the marantz also has the option of creating 5.1 circle surround sound for things not recorded in 5.1 (it's called cs5.1). it's a no brainer, my friend - 6200 all the way
Marantz is a good choice for your music percentage. I'm very happy with my 7200. The Perfect Vision best buys last year were for Class 5- Oultaw 1050, Class 4- Marantz 7200

NAD is always well respected for its musicality.