I own a NuPrime IDA 8 amp that I'm very happy with.  I have a dedicated bedroom (14 x 11) that I use for audio.  I listen to all types of music but mostly Jazz and Film scores. My current speakers are Q Acoustics 3050 floorstanders.  They are great speakers but seem a bit large and overpowering for my room.  I'm looking for a speaker that has a more open and clear presentation with real soundstaging and no metal tweaters.   I live in an area that has no real audio dealers within 200 miles and need some help please!
We have a demo pair of Dali Ikon 6 MK 2 which were $2100 new demo pair $1,100.00 plus shipping, great speakers, use a soft dome tweeter with a ribbon supertweeter for detail. not bright warm and punchy with great detail sounds fantastic with the Nuprime we are a dealer for Nuprime.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I would search for a pair of monitor type speakers. Keep an eye-out for used pairs for sale here on AG. Research ones that capture your interest.  Used monitors can be resold at little to no loss.   
Yogiboy has a great recommendation with the Spendors.  As he (and I) will tell you, the Harbeth P3s are a step up from the Spendors.  However, they are both fantastic monitors, and the difference may be nothing more than personal preference.  The Spendors have a soft dome tweeter.  The Harbeths have a metal dome, but it's so well implemented that it's not bright and integrates perfectly with the mids.

The only thing that you might not like about the Spendor/Harbeth monitors is that they do lack some lower end.  If you're used to tower speakers, the difference may be a bit much at first.  However, I found that halfway through the first song with the Harbeths I was lost in the music and never noticed any lack of low end again.

There are some other good monitors listed here: Dynaudio Excite X12, for example.  

Good luck!
try a pair of Vandersteen 2 with a low pass filter to emiminate the small room gain

Great responses folks - thanks!  I've considered the Spendors as I had a pair of Epos M12 that I really liked except for the metal tweeters. I am concerned that my amp might fart out with them given it's a class D unit.