Recommendations? 2-Channel Audio System Speaker Cables and RCA Connects and Amp Power Cord

My System:
Audio Research VSi60 (Integrated strong-~50watt tube amp)
Lumin T1 (using its DAC, too)
Focal 1028BE (II) 


Preferences in order of my desires:
-Imaging and Soundstage 
-Less fatigue (I know that's frequently a trade-off with resolution and the above preferences)

What I listen to:
-I like folk & americana (from Cat Stevens, Jakob Dylan)
-Blues (Eva Cassidy, John Hammond)
-Guitar (both acoustic and electric: Leo Kottke, Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits)
-AOR Rock/Classic Rock

Budget is around 2K for all.  Used is fine, too. 

Thanks for your inputs!

Audioquest & Straight Wire would be a good start.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I would call the cable company in New Hope, Pa and ask to borrow some different cables from them. They charge a 5 percent fee of retail list but they will credit your account if you make a purchase from them. Plus they have several hundreds of cables to choose from and they give excellent advice because they do this everyday.

For ICs I recommend and right now you can still get a deal on SCs at Both make PCs but your preferences may lay elsewhere.

All the best,