Recommendations? 2-Channel Audio System Speaker Cables and RCA Connects and Amp Power Cord

My System:
Audio Research VSi60 (Integrated strong-~50watt tube amp)
Lumin T1 (using its DAC, too)
Focal 1028BE (II) 


Preferences in order of my desires:
-Imaging and Soundstage 
-Less fatigue (I know that's frequently a trade-off with resolution and the above preferences)

What I listen to:
-I like folk & americana (from Cat Stevens, Jakob Dylan)
-Blues (Eva Cassidy, John Hammond)
-Guitar (both acoustic and electric: Leo Kottke, Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits)
-AOR Rock/Classic Rock

Budget is around 2K for all.  Used is fine, too. 

Thanks for your inputs!

Audioquest & Straight Wire would be a good start.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thanks. That’s what I’m looking for; a good place to start.
I would call the cable company in New Hope, Pa and ask to borrow some different cables from them. They charge a 5 percent fee of retail list but they will credit your account if you make a purchase from them. Plus they have several hundreds of cables to choose from and they give excellent advice because they do this everyday.

For ICs I recommend and right now you can still get a deal on SCs at Both make PCs but your preferences may lay elsewhere.

All the best,

Thanks for the recommendations.  I'll look into them. 

You could look at making your own with Neotech UP-OCC PTFE wire from parts connections and save your money.

I’ll second contacting The Cable Company.

They’re familiar with most amps and speakers, and will recommend cables that meet your criteria. The 5% lending fee is money well spent, since you wont be buying and selling cables until you get it right.
I suggest getting the speaker cables and ICs first to nail down the timbre of your system. Then add the PC; it will be an added bonus to the sonics.
All good suggestions listed above. There are countless good companies available.
I did some beta testing several years ago for VH Audio and I was impressed with some of the interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. You might want to take a look at the website and/or drop them an email.
Thanks all for the comments.  I think thecableco might be the way to go.  Sounds like I can't go wrong there.  I agree the 5% is a good investment in not having to guess/buy/sell, repeat. 
First, I'd buy used cables and just sell them for little or no loss if they don't work.  You'll save a bundle and cost relatively little to ship.  Given your preferences, I'd buy some used Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II interconnects and Satori speaker cables (or Hologram if in your budget).  Once those are in place I'd demo a Triode Wire Labs power cord.  I've had the AZ interconnects and cables for over 10 years and haven't switched them out yet, and my priorities are virtually identical to yours.  Best of luck. 

Thanks much, Soix.